A Guide On When To Book Your Next Holiday If You Need To Feel Joy But Wanna Save Max Dosh
PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Cashrewards to help you plan your next vaycay.

Picture this: you’re on a beachside cabana, fruity drink in hand, and the only thing on the agenda is to stay put ”til sunset.

Sounds bloody delightful, hey?

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Sadly, the reality is that you’re probs reading this bad boy on the porcelain throne while you put off going back to work. You’re only human. And, if there’s one thing us silly humans know, it’s that this time of year is a tough slog.

We’ve had all our long-weekend fun, and the Christmas break is in sight — but it’s just a little too far away. Our bodies are zapped of energy and we have a whole two brain cells hanging in there — just in time for party season!

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In short: we’re all fangin’ for a holiday. But hold your horses because being a little strategic can help you make the most of your dosh.

Specifically, using cashback. Enter: Cashrewards. It’s a nifty little cashback reward program where you get a percentage of money back when you spend with certain retailers. And right now, it’s partnered with the kings of travel at Booking.com to give you some dollarydoos back for booking a much-needed getaway.

Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a boujee villa in Bali? A foodie adventure in Vietnam? Maybe some beachside relaxation time in Thailand? Whatever your cup of tea is, take advantage of the bolstered cashback rate over the next few months.

The rate will vary so keep your eyes peeled on socials ’till the end of the year. But we’ll give you one hint: from 10am on the 8th November ’till 10am on the 11th November, you can get up to 12% cashback. So, go strike while the iron is hot!

Look forward to fighting over the last banana lounge with you in Bali soon!

For pals of ours, there’s a cheeky $20 welcome bonus on offer for signing up. Just use the promo code PEDESTRIAN. T&C’s apply.

Please note that this information is general in nature and shouldn’t be construed as financial advice.

Image: The White Lotus