PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with We Are GC to shove some misconceptions outta your brain.

Humans are tricky little creatures that generally work best when they’re relating one thing to another. It’s how we rejig our memory – whether it’s word association, a cognitive link or just the fact that I always remember my neighbour’s name because it’s the same name as my best friend’s childhood rat (and they kinda look alike tbh).

But it also means that people associate things incorrectly sometimes, and that results in some hectic assumptions. And it’s not just limited to people – places cop the dodgy assumption treatment all the damn time. The Gold Coast is one of those lil spots that gets a bad rap, and tbh it doesn’t actually deserve it.

Here’s a few assumptions you’ve probs made about the Goldy that are actually 110% wrong, soz.

Turns Out You Were Wrong About The Gold Coast This Whole Time, You Fools

this will be you

It’s all party, all the time

Look, a city that’s known for being a primo destination for young folks (helloooo Schoolies) does tend to wind up saddled with a rep for being a lil scandalous – and don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for a good time you can absolutely find it here – but it’s not always the living embodiment of a Geordie Shore episode.

There’s so much more than just Surfers Paradise. The Gold Coast is actually really lovely in general, but beyond that it’s also massively chill. The vibe isn’t always go-go-go and you won’t be inundated with noise and parties every time you take a step out your front door.

Turns Out You Were Wrong About The Gold Coast This Whole Time, You Fools

dw, you don’t have to cut shapes like this

They only drink XXXX

I’m not a beer person at the best of times, but let me assure you that even if I was, I wouldn’t restrict myself exclusively to XXXX beer. While the GC may be well known for having a reasonably strong appreciation for the beverage, that’s not to say they they aren’t keen on other drinks.

In fact, there are actually a fair few craft breweries and different locales that will serve you up unusual and delicious pints that’ll have you forgetting all about it

Turns Out You Were Wrong About The Gold Coast This Whole Time, You Fools

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It’s only somewhere to live when you retire

This myth can get absolutely kicked out of the park straight away. The Gold Coast has developed somewhat of a reputation for being packed full of tradies and old folk, but not only is the average age actually under 40 (so stick that in your gob, folks), but it’s becoming far more popular with stacks of people moving there each year.

Living on the GC is chill but it’s also got a buncha great schools for little’uns, the cafés will have you drooling for the all-important brunch, and there’s stacks of opportunity to find a cool place that isn’t too exxy.

Turns Out You Were Wrong About The Gold Coast This Whole Time, You Fools

mmmm no thank you

Theme parks are the only entertainment

When you think Gold Coast, chances are that you probably immediately conjure up images of three very specific things: Movie World, Dreamworld and Sea World. Well, hate to bust your thematically appropriate bubble, but these are NOT what makes the Gold Coast, well, the Gold Coast.

To get to the parks you’ve actually gotta trek out of the main city itself, and when there’s so much to do within the city then it’s definitely not the be-all, end-all. There are always events on, from festivals like Bleach* through to live music on the beach, so you can defs find something to do.

Turns Out You Were Wrong About The Gold Coast This Whole Time, You Fools

you better believe it m8

You’ve gotta be a tall, tanned surfy boi to fit in

One of the more conflicting assumptions that people make is that if you’re from the Gold Coast then you’re probably super tall, super hot and super tanned. Now, it’s not a bad thing to be associated with beautiful folks, but it can come across as a little exclusionary if you’re, say, 5’2 and pale as heck (me @ me).

But one of the best parts about the place is that there are so many incredibly different people there, of all aesthetics and experiences. Rest assured, you’re not gonna look out of place even if you’re a teeny pale recluse who’s never ventured into the sun before and just really wants to have a good time, okay.

Turns Out You Were Wrong About The Gold Coast This Whole Time, You Fools

you mean there’s more to life than being really, ridiculously good looking?

Entrepreneurs are welcome

If you think that the Gold Coast is all fun, then you’re probably not gonna think that it’s a good place to get down to business (no, not Mulan style). That’s where you’d be very wrong. There’s actually just as many opportunities up there as you’d expect in any major city – more so depending on what industry you’re in.

So if you’re worried that it’s all about the tourists, just take a second to remember that not only is there so much more, but the tourism industry is a hugely popular jobs area anyway. Rest assured that the Gold Coast goes all in on business, entrepreneur and general employment so you can make a living while living right next to some of the best beaches in Australia (not bad hey).

Turns Out You Were Wrong About The Gold Coast This Whole Time, You Fools

So really, the bottom line is that you’re wrong, and you should feel bad about that. Soz folks, it’s true. The Gold Coast is actually pretty sweet, so try and kick those nasty lil’ assumptions out of your earholes and away from your brain.

It’s not much to ask.

Image: Instagram / @margorobbie