Swedish beverage company Gnista Spirits wants to pay two Australians to Stockholm as part of a very-real “professional party animal” job.

If you can hack a 7pm-3am partying shift without any booze, they’re willing to pay you $760 for one night of work. Not to mention, you get a free trip to Sweden.

That’s it, that’s literally the whole catch.

Obviously, it’d be a hoot and a half to go to Stockholm all-expenses-paid and get trashed with your bestie, but I could definitely sip on water if it meant a paid holiday.

The promotion is part of the roll-out for their new drink range, so they even chuck in a complimentary bottle of their non-alcoholic spirit after your hard night’s work.

“The Gnista product development department needs first-hand intelligence on how Gnista consumption affects the desire to dance until dawn, inspire you to let loose (using your tie as a headband?) and if it gives you that pizza-craving Netflix bingeing (placebo) hangover,” the job description reads.

There’s only one primary responsibility, which is to “party like there’s no tomorrow, only sober.”

If you’re a regular town-fiend or party animal, this job is for you. The role is not for people “who prefer to snuggle up with a good book,” and being “single and ready to mingle” is considered a plus.

Gnista Spirits will cover your flights to Stockholm, your accomodation in a fancy hotel, a lavish dinner, free drinks all night, then a full breakfast the following morning.

Oh, and they’ll chuck you a quiet $760 for your hard work.

You can read the full job description here.

Image: Geordie Shore