A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Festival Is Coming To The IRL Winterfell Locale In Ireland

Da duh, da da da duh, da da da duh, da da da duh.

Do you recognise what that is? Apart from being a string of incoherent, made-up sounds?

It’s the Game of Thrones theme song. And it’s probably going to be stuck in your head now. But don’t despair – there’s good reason for it.

Ireland‘s getting its very own gotdang GoT festival this September.

Winterfell Festival is a day-long celebration that’s going down at Castle Ward, the 18th-century abode that serves as the Stark’s family home.

Set within an 820 acre historic demesne on the shores of Strangford Lough, the day will be packed to the brim with activities like jousting, sword sparring and archery competitions.

If you’re not as nimble and battle-oriented as a young Arya, that’s cool; there’ll also be tours of the Gothic-style castle, interactive puppet shows and live performances from George R. R. Martin‘s ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ series that inspired the hit show.


Dog fans will be panting up a storm when they see the two Stark children’s direwolves (Northern Inuit dogs, a crossbreed of Siberian Husky), which will also be in attendance. Boyd Rankin, an actor / armorer who played Mikken the blacksmith in season 1 will also be on-ground to provide you with the full Westeros experience.

Food, you ask? There will be plenty of that, too. A large and bountiful roast hog will be on offer, as well as venison pie and locally-made cider.

It’s all going down at Castle Ward in on Sunday 24th of September, from 11AM. An adult ticket to the event will set you back around AUD$36, and can be purchased here.

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