PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Universal Store to have all your fam feeling close, literally AND geographically.

Ah yes, as the most wonderful time of the year rapidly approaches we are all inevitably filled in equal measure with both excitement and dread.

The excitement lifts us up as we plot gifting arrangements, party plans and that sweet, sweet annual leave break. We’re already preparing our stomachs for the endless feasting and frankly inappropriate amount of dessert we intend to consume.

The dread though? Knowing we won’t be able to share the silly season with those mates who thoughtlessly nicked off overseas or interstate.

accurate footage of me at the departure gate

Honestly it’s pretty rude of them to have done so, because when the holidays hit we all want to be surrounded by our closest pals and fam, coming together to celebrate properly.

It seems only yesterday they were posting their lame vacay countdown photo on Instagram, making us all overwhelmingly jealous.

But now you can drag ’em on back for the holidays to make sure all your loved ones are in the one place to overindulge on Christmas food and share in the celebrations – just by heading on over to the Universal Store Instagram.

say what now?

All you gotta do is follow Universal Store on Instagram and either record a video message or take a cute pic to tell them who you’d wanna bring back for Christmas and why – tagging #UniversalStoreComeTogether, of course.

This could be as simple as chucking up a throwback Thursday pic of the two of you together, a thoroughly embarrassing photo of your mate (who are we to judge?), or just an honest vid saying how much you miss ’em.

And if yours is the winner, you’ll score one return flight for your friend or family member to come back just for you. You know, so they can pop over as casually as that one neighbour who pretends to be nice but secretly wants to cut down all your hedges and pee on your doormat (nick off, Wendy).

No matter where they are in Australia or the world, you can summon them straight to you (accio humans) and have the whole fam together right in time for a cheeky post-Christmas lunch dip at the beach. Really, the holidays are a time to hold your close ones… well… close.

So squeeze on up to them and get a little too cosy for comfort because they’re gonna be able to nick back off for the remainder of their trip soon enough (or to go home, if they’ve left you permanently – the saddest of all things).

Check out the comp HERE and bring ’em on home.

Image: Instagram / @margotrobbie