There’s Flights To Norway For Less Than $1000 RN So Go Land Yrself A Viking

Have you too been daydreaming about having a messy pash with a sxc viking boii a la Alexander Skarsgård? (Sorry, we know he’s Swedish, but you should also know that he’s very hot).

Well, you could make that dream into a stone-cold reality – except with a Norwegian lad – for less than a grand: Thai Airways are flogging $912 return tickets to Oslo from Brissie, Sydney, Melbs and Perth this August to October.

Flight deals website I Know The Pilot have come out with the juicy – well, more fishy, actually (Norwegians eat a lot of salmon apparently) – goss on these sweet, sweet sale fares.

You’ll be stopping in Bangkok, Thailand, for at least a little while on your way, but who could complain about that? Depends on the date, could be hours, could be an overnight sesh complete with some Thai delicacies, that’s up to you.

But the dealio wont last long, probably not more than a few days, so you’re going to have to commit to a potensh Scandi adventure sooner rather than later.

Here are some fun things you should know about potentially travelling to Norway:

They really like trolls there for some reason. Like there’s a whole mythology around trolls and they try to sell troll dolls to tourists, and frankly it’s frightening.

Vigeland Park exists, and in it are 200-odd supremely cooked sculptures by one dude, Gustav Vigeland:

Walking on top of their Opera House is cool as shit and makes for some primo pictures of both the harbour and yourself in the windows.

The live music scene is absolutely first-class: like when we went both Nick Cave and The Mountain Goats were playing and that was rad as hell. But heaps of indie Aussie acts are always swinging into town and selling out bandrooms as well. There’s also art and theatre history and military history and all kinds of other shit-hot cultural stuff, like Edvard Munch‘s The Scream.

You can hop on a train out of town – to somewhere like the ultra-cool Bergen, or as far as Stockholm, or even Copenhagen, if you’re up for exploring other parts of Scandanavia. They’re certainly not short train trips, but they’re also not as long as that time we took a train to Byron Bay for Schoolies, plus the scenery is #bliss, so just go with it.

Check out all the flight deals here, and if you do go, document your adventure through Norway on Insty so we can live vicariously through your holiday, plz, plz, thank u very much.