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The Australian summer is officially done and dusted (*SOB*) and with the prospect of winter looming, it feels like the time to book an exciting European getaway might have come and gone. But that’s not the case, fam.

If you’re already anticipating the FOMO come June, give yourself something to look forward to by biting the proverbial bullet and committing to that exciting holiday.

With only a few months until your estimated departure date, booking an action-packed European trip now could easily turn into a full-blown headache, so we’re all for putting the ~planning~ into someone else’ s hands. That’s where pre-organised travel tours come in – they’re absolute GOD SENDS for the logistically challenged folk, like me.

In that vein, scroll down to check out the range of amazing European tours available to book right now through tour legends, TopDeck and Flight Centre:

1. Do Britain & Ireland Properly

Tick off every country in the United Kingdom with this 14 days roundabout tour of England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Wooof, that’s kind of like that skipping rope game you used to play as a kid, huh?

Anyway, this glorious tour includes ancient ruins, crazy castles, traditional pubs and cute as heck markets. The fortnight-long shenanigans kick off in The Beatles’ home town of Liverpool, before taking you onto York and up into Edinburgh and Glasgow for some haggis. Then, after that, you jump across the water to Belfast and then Ed Sheeran‘s famous Galway (you absolutely must sing the song while you’re there, it’s the law). Then the trip swoops back round via Dublin and Cardiff before returning to Liz’s London.

Do all this and more with the Britain & Ireland tour here.

2. Hit Up The World Of ~Iberia~

First thing’s first: Iberia absolutely sounds like a kingdom of Westeros, right? But actually, it turns out that ‘Iberia’ refers to the South-West corner of Europe. If you wanna know more about this exciting and semi-fictional sounding place, this tour of Spain, Morocco and Portugal might be right up your alley. Think delicious paella, refreshing dips in the Mediterranean and buzzing nightlife in one of the sexiest countries on earth.

Start your vacay in bubbly Barcelona (pronounced: Bar-tha-lona, for you keen beans) before making your way to Valencia (Va-len-thi-a) where you can check out the Old Quarter for some serious throwback charm. Then stuff your face with a whole day dedicated to paella before updating your Instagram feed in Granada. Next stop is Asilah, in Morrocco, and the historical city of Fes. Then it’s back to Spain, via Seville, and then Portugal’s TDF Lisbon and Picasso‘s favourite place, Porto. Begin your route back by hitting up Madrid, San Sebastián and then call it a day in Barcelona.

Like the sound of it? Check out the Iberian Voyager tour here.

3. Hop ‘Round The Greek Islands

If you’ve ever watched The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants or Mamma Mia!, we needn’t tell you how damn pretty the Greek Islands are. If you haven’t seen these movies, do it immediately. The Greek islands are where you’re gonna find those crystal clear waters, ivory-hued cobblestone streets and brilliant sunsets.

If this sounds like your jam, get your tush over to Athens to check out the ancient city, before checking out the glorious party island, Mykonos, nicknamed ‘The Ibiza of Greece‘. The head over to the next island, Paros, for more chalky ‘grams and picture-perfect beaches. Next stop? Santorini, baby! This place is like a legit rom-com set complete with natural hot springs, so enough said. Then back to Athens.

For more info, check out the Greek Island Hopper tour here.

4. Suss Out Why Everyone Froths Over Portugal

If you’d rather focus on one country, and do it really well, this is for you. Portugal is a country that embraces summer life at its finest. Surfing, yoga and blissful wines are all on the itinerary so get ready for some seriously chillaxing hangs.

What better way to start a tour of Portugal than with the country’s signature delicacy, a Portuguese tart? Kick off the tour in Lisbon, referred to as the San Francisco of Europe, with an interesting walking tour of the city. Next stop, Porto – heaven-on-earth for port wine drinkers, featuring some incred UNESCO sites in the medieval city. Then learn to surf, or carve some waves, in Ericeira (Europe’s only surfing reserve) before making your way to Lagos for calmer beach vibes and delicious seafood. Then it’s back to Lisbon and you’re finito!

Keen? Get a load more info about the Portugal Summer tour here.

5. Channel Your Inner Game Of Thrones Fan At The Croatian Riviera

We might’ve mentioned Game of Thrones earlier, but Croatia is actually home to some famous locations from the franchise. The Dalmatian coast is sprinkled with cool beaches and ‘grammable sites. The best part? You get to see it all by boat.

This tour kicks off in Milna and then onto Hvar (AKA ‘the sunniest spot in Europe) for some serene swim sessions. Korcula is next on the list, offering old skool town feels and a cute walking tour. Then it’s GOT time in Dubrovnik with King’s Landing buildings to boot. Throw in some kayaking and you’re in for a treat. Things take a turn for Chill Town after this, with Mljet and Makarska offering outdoor activities to make your heart sing. Finish your Croatian tour in Split, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city, a city good enough for ~emperors~.

In love yet? Find out more info about the Croatian Riviera tour here.

6. Check Out Absolutely Everything There Is To See

Guys, this is the big boi. If you love everywhere you’ve heard of so far, but can’t make up your mind, why not go the whole hog with one enormous tour? In 24 days, hit up Western, Eastern and Central Europe for a more holistic experience of the continent.

The tour starts off with your standard London and Paris jazz before heading over to Switzerland for some causal mountaineering and fairytale villages. Then follow Napoleon‘s footsteps back over to France to check out the celebrity hang-out favourite, the French Riviera. Stop by James Bond‘s Monaco on your way to Florence, Pisa and then Rome. Round off the Italian chapter with a trip to The Vatican, Venice and BOOM, then you’re in Austria. Vienna and Budapest (both 11/10 places) are absolute musts. Then it’s Kraków and Prague for a humbling history lesson featuring a trip to Auschwitz. Begin the trip home in Berlin, Germany and Amsterdam before finishing up in London town.

Keen to feel the Spirit of Europe? Find out more info here.

7. Eat Your Way Around Europe

20 days, nine countries – what a time. This is your whistle-stop tour of all the major countries your mates keep raving about, offering an adventure for you and your inner foodie.

Make your way from London to Paris (waving ‘hi’ to Mona Lisa in the process) to stuff your face with good cheese, wine and macarons. Then it’s time to jump over to the Swiss Alps – and even out of a helicopter if you wish. Next up is the French Riviera, followed by the picturesque, terracotta-topped city of Florence. Tick off Rome and Venice in one fell swoop as you make your way to the Austrian Alps and the Czech Republic. See what all the fuss is about Prague and then hit up Berlin for a boogie and Amsterdam. Then, back to London.

Start planning your European Getaway tour here.

Image: Topdeck