Entire Nation Froths On Qantas’ New ‘Strayan AF Safety Video

Alright fuckheads, we know what you’re gonna say: ‘THIS IS SO OBVIOUSLY SPONSORED PEDESTRIAN. GUESS ‘YA LOVE THAT QANTAS CASH’.

But nah, we’re just really, really into Qantas’ new safety feature video, because it’s basically what a Tourism Australia ad would look like if it was marketed to Australians: a beautifully shot piece that does a bang-up fantastic job of showcasing just how much this country has to offer other than pristine beaches.

As well as making you fall heard for the landscape (it’s filmed in 16 different locations across Australia), it puts a creative twist on taking you through the same-old safety reminders you paid attention to approximately once. Fixing your own oxygen mask BEFORE helping others? Let’s film it using an instillation at Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Arts. Every aircraft is different? Damn straight. Just check out my hang-glider.

Frankly, the potential of hurtling from the stratosphere to imminent fireballs and death has never looked like such a riot.

Qantas Safety Video

Friendly Australians and stunning destinations are the stars of the new Qantas safety video that showcases Australia as an amazing place to visit. Filmed in 16 spectacular locations across the country and capturing all four seasons, the video highlights some of Australia’s most unique scenery and beautiful, lesser known travel destinations.

Posted by Qantas on Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Judging by the 2,500+ likes, 4,400+ shares, and hundreds of positive comments, we’re not the only ones frothing.

Onya, Qantas. (And suck it, Air NZ.)

Source / Photo: Qantas.