Emirates Releases The Swag-Kraken, Intros ‘Moisturising PJs’ To 1st Class

If there’s one thing that’s virtually guaranteed on a long-haul flight, it’s leaving it with the skin of an 80 year old who never moisturised once in their life. That plane air can suck the life out of even the softest skin, leaving you dry, itchy, and feeling like shit. The worst feeling.

If you’re a pleb like us who kicks it in Economy, you have to make do with hourly applications of moisturiser in the teeny, stinky bathroom to keep crap skin at bay. But if you’re cashed up to the eyeballs and can swing a first class ticket on Emirates, your PJs can do all the hard work for you.
Yeah, you read that right. Your complimentary pyjama set – if you fly Emirates first class – will be infused with moisturiser to keep your skin lush all flight long.
According to their website, the jammies are full of ‘Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology‘.
“The fabric gently releases naturally nutrient rich sea kelp as you move around, preventing dehydration and stimulating circulation,” Emirates explains.

They don’t look too shabby, either. Like a lovely grey trackie powersuit.

And yep, those lil sheep-looking slippies and eye mask are part of the freebie pack, too.
If you’re swinging the hefty price tag for a first class jaunt you prob don’t even care if your fancy moisture-filled PJs last beyond your flight – but it’s still worth pointing out you can wash these babies and they’ll continue to give you the skin-loving benefits beyond their first use. That microcapsule tech is there for that specific reason.
Then again, with the amount of free champs we’d be quaffing up there, there’s a solid chance no amount of inbuilt moisturising would do our skin any good tbh.
Source and Image: Emirates.