PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Qantas Health Insurance to help bring you closer to your next dream trip.

I really do try to save up enough money to go on a holiday each year. I promise I do. I try really hard right up until the moment my stomach grumbles and I have an overwhelming need to order Indian food on Uber Eats. I don’t think you understand how hard I try. But while my savings go down my gullet alongside some garlic naan, it doesn’t mean I have to lose out on saving up some sweet, sweet Qantas Points. 

And even though we can’t travel as far as we used to, it’s the perfect time to start stockpiling Qantas Points that you can always use later, and friends, that INCLUDES ordering your Indian food. This is literally an ideal situation for me.

Here are a few other ways you folks can earn points, even when you don’t realise it.


Health insurance and wellbeing

Bet you didn’t expect this bad boy to make an appearance. If you’re the type of person who’s constantly falling over and in need of a physio (me), is constantly breaking her glasses (also me) or has made more trips to the hospital than they’d like to admit (guess who), you’ve probably already gotten yourself some health insurance.

Fun fact though: anyone who has Qantas Health Insurance can earn points by paying their monthly premiums. It’s not just for old folks, alright. And a word to the wise? If you switch before 30 September you could even earn up to 150,000 points over two years.

Some of us might be lucky enough to be on our parent’s cover, but you and I both know that won’t last forever. When the time comes and you get the boot from your family’s cover (FYI, it’s when you turn 25, or even earlier if you stop full-time study or graduate, get a full-time job, or get married), make sure you do your research and pick the health cover that suits your needs and gives you bang for your buck, plus, maybe even give you a holiday.

Plus if you use the Qantas Wellbeing App, you can earn points literally just for walking around and sleeping, which to me sounds like a pretty good deal seeing as how I do that every day anyway. Hell, with exercise becoming more important to most people right now, it’s an even better way to kill two birds with one stone.



Mmm, the light of my life and reason for my existence. I would joke about how food takes up at least 60% of my monthly earnings but I’ve got one of those money trackers that tells you exactly how much you spend on different things each month so I don’t have to joke – it is shameful but true.

Luckily for me, any time I order a feed on Uber Eats, I have the opportunity to earn some points, AND if I show face in Woolies I can get some points through my grocery shopping too. And for those who are too lazy to shop, rest assured you can still earn points by shopping online, or even score some by using a meal ingredients service like HelloFresh, or when you make a reservation with Qantas Restaurants.


The second-highest percentage of my monthly earnings is almost entirely devoted to entertainment, which is actually pretty all-encompassing so quit judging. My most common splurges? Books that I will likely just add to an ever-growing ‘to read’ pile, streaming service subscriptions, and movie tickets (plus the biggest tub of popcorn allowed, see previous points about food). 

Apparently you can also score points on sites like Booktopia, when you watch sports on Kayo, AND the same goes for when you see a film at Hoyts, so take that, everyone who says I waste my money on them. You’re wrong and you should feel bad for yucking my yums. Almost as bad as I should feel about using the phrase ‘yucking my yums’. I’m sorry.

And if you plan on driving over to a mate’s place for some shared entertainment, you can earn up to two Qantas Points per litre on fuel and one Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases in-store at BP.


So, because I am a RESPONSIBLE ADULT, a lot of my spare funds nowadays goes into buying cool stuff for my house. It brings me the same type of glee that buying clothes or makeup did when I was a teenager and oh god, this is what ageing does to you. Gimme a brand new set of bath sheets and I’d probably cry with gratitude.

Getting stuff for your house probably doesn’t seem super conducive to earning Qantas Points because it’s literally encouraging you to stay and enjoy it all, but hey, you earn points anyway. Fancy sheets at Sheridan? Shop via Qantas Shopping and earn points. A new comfy bed from Forty Winks? Points. A coffee maker from Appliances Online that seemingly operates by the magic of a small goblin hiding within? POINTS!

You can even double down on your points if you’ve also got a Qantas points-earning credit card AND you can get a lil’ Points Prompter plug-in on your browser so you can get a teeny alert on your screen whenever your browsing lands you on a points-earning page.

Oh and did I mention you can also get points if you want to bail on your house for a lil’ while and stay in an Airbnb? Yeah, that still counts, so if you can’t be stuffed cleaning up your own place but still want a cute weekend away, you’ll be earning anyway.


For the record, there are nearly 1,000 brands that’ll earn you Qantas Points while you shop too, but if I let myself go down that rabbit hole I will exhaust all my important naan funds on all the clothes and shoes (thank you to ASOS for being a points-earning boss), so we’re being sensible here.

See, you don’t have to actually fly to earn Qantas Points. If anything, we’ve got almost a thousand different ways to earn them, which will have you saving dosh for flights sooner than you think. And trust me, when travel rolls around again, you’ll be stoked on having those points ready to go.

So really, you can have your naan and eat it too.

Issued by nib health funds limited, a registered private health insurer and arranged by Qantas for which Qantas receives commission. *Offer ends 30 September 2020. Qantas Frequent Flyer members can earn a max. 150,000 sign on Qantas Points over 2 years upon purchase of combined Gold Hospital and Top Extras Cover for Couples, Single Parents and Families. Policy must be held for 60 continuous days. Available to eligible applicants only, exclusions apply. For full terms and conditions, visit

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