Chug Down A Precious Bevington With Yr Pooch At This Doggo Beach Bar

Don’t mean to alarm you but there’s a bloody cute little bar in Croatia where you can not only hang out with your pooch, but share a bevvie with ’em too.

Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar opened up last year and has been super popular with pups and their humans (and other, dog-less appreciators). It’s a cute as hell little patch of beach where dogs can play, swim, and enjoy a relaxing pup-friendly pizza and beer by the ocean.

The bar looks like a big ol’ kennel, which is VERY great and nice. And last week it held it’s first annual dog & human race, where entrants had to run down to the end of a pier, jump off, and swim 100m back to shore.

Now of course I’m not gunna harp on about a dog bar that serves the precious bevingtons for your floofy friendos without providing empirical evidence so please, enjoy these VERY GOOD boys and girls.

Look at these two, being sun smart and taking in the view.

Look at this precious one, posing like a disgruntled toddler on holidays, itching to run into the ocean.

Look at this heckin’ good dog who is just STANDING on the water. Is this dog Jesus? What the fuck is happening.

Here’s a pure angel, just super stoked to be lazing in the sun next to the water.

And here’s Vander, who is clearly that really cool surfer that you know is trouble but you can’t help falling in love with. Maybe it’ll end in a brief but beautiful summer romance, maybe he’ll buy you a kewl shell necklace from the surf shop.

So if you find yourself in Europe, pining for some unconditional love from a four-legged floof, wanna boop some snoots, or crack a tin with a heckin’ big woofer, then may I point you in the direction of Crikvenica.

Raise a glass (and a paw).