A Company Is Giving Free Cabin Stays Away To Find The Benefits Of The Outdoors & Sign Me Up

If you live in ~modern society ~ there’s a high chance that you’ve fantasised about running away to the bush and throwing your phone in the ocean to open up a combined bookstore/cafe. How you do that without a phone is beside the point. 

It’s no surprise when we’re forever glued to our overstimulating phones – I can literally hear Slack pinging on my colleague’s computer like a technical twitch as I type this. 

Plus, most of our entertainment exists on screens, we’re expected to be contactable at all times, and many of us live in urban areas with less nature, due to the whole… needing a job thing. 

Is it any wonder we’re all burnt out? 

AllTrails, a fitness and travel app, has partnered with off-grid cabin experience Unyoked to learn more about why we all need to log TF off and get out into nature. 

The Global Nature Study aims to uncover the specific scientific benefits of time spent in nature, and whether time outside can genuinely help manage the absolute craziness of our modern world. 

100 (!!) complimentary two-night stays in an Unyoked cabin and an AllTrails+ subscription are up for grabs to applicants who want to be a part of the study that’ll take place from November to January.

A free stay in a cute off-grid cabin? Sign me up. The only things that’ll be tracked and analysed are your stress levels, creativity and sleep.

You’ll be encouraged to unwind through “grounding” activities such as forest bathing (go off fairy-core), reading, outdoor yoga and listening to the sounds of nature. Honestly, heaven. 

Don’t worry, you won’t be hooked up to any machines or asked to lay in bed for 50 hours. Rather, you’ll complete surveys and self-review tests to tell AllTrails and Unyoked how you actually feel about being away from the hustle and bustle. Bloody great, I can imagine. 

The results of the Global Nature Study will be released in early 2024 where we’ll learn even more about the benefits of slamming our computers shut and getting out into nature. 

It may seem obvious but according to previous AllTrail research, the average Australian is spending less than 1.5 hours outside a day. And yep, I’m totally guilty.

If you’re keen to start your 2024 nature era, apply to the Unyoked x AllTrail study here

Image: The Sound Of Music