PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Virgin to celebrate their new direct flights from Sydney to Hong Kong.

While it’s obviously the greatest accomplishment of humanity to date, the internet can be a bit, y’know, silly. May I remind you of the planking fad around about 2010? That wasn’t the internet’s fault – it was the people deciding to lie horizontally on dumb and unstable surface’s fault.

Remember the ice bucket challenge? Similarly dumb, but for a good cause so I’ll let it slide. You gotta admit though, it’s all been fairly entertaining. Except that school bag challenge where kids with not enough age behind them to have common sense would belt each other with their heavy backpacks. That was just shit.

But the internet and its inhabitants latest delivery? It’s actually quite the lol. People are basically challenging themselves to use chopsticks for everyday tasks – be it tying your shoelaces, cracking open a frothy, opening a door, popping on your lipstick – you know, all the things that should be easy but are made disgustingly difficult when using chopsticks. Playing games with chopsticks is quite common in China and we’re glad to get in on the action too. Anyway, just tell me this isn’t enjoyable to watch:

Enter the Chopstick Challenge

Our Sydney-Hong Kong flights are on sale now, and we’re giving you the chance to win Business Class flights with the #chopstickchallenge! We’ve learnt that playing games with chopsticks is quite popular, so grab a pair of chopsticks and take a video of you doing an everyday task and upload it to Instagram, tagging @virginaustralia and #chopstickchallenge for your chance to win!If you’re crowned the Chopstick Master, you’ll win two return Business Class flights to Hong Kong, two nights’ accommodation at The Peninsula Hotels and a dim sum masterclass. Most creative post wins! T&Cs:

Posted by Virgin Australia on Monday, 2 April 2018

As with most trending things on the internet, this internet phenomenon is the work of a v. clever brand. (Remember the viral strangers kissing strangers video? A BRAND.) Anyway, in short Virgin Australia is celebrating their new direct flights from Sydney to Hong Kong by giving one lucky #ChopStickChallenge contributor an epic trip to Hong Kong.

The prize pool includes 2 x return Business Class flights to Hong Kong, two nights’ accommodation at the five-star The Peninsula Hotel and a dim sum masterclass.

YOU’RE JOKING! All you gotta do is partake in the tomfoolery, hashtag #chopstickchallenge, tag @virginaustralia and you could be rewarded with a nice little overseas trip and hawt content for all your followers?

You don’t even need to be damn good at it. Virgin will choose the chopstick master based on creativity. You’ve got until midnight April 16, folks.

Go on, mix up that damn selfie reel. People are sick of your face.

Your hands though? Your followers wanna see more’a that.

Terms & Conditions: HERE.