Slurp More Noodles Than You Can Poke A Chopstick At W/ Cheap Flights To Asia

Oath, we are so here for the spoils of a Jetstar sale – and this ‘Savour Asia‘ one’s a real doozy. You’ve got until midnight Wednesday to decide if you wanna cash in your leave on cheap flights and bugger off before the end of March 2019 to one of a heap of primo destinations for less than $350 one-way.

That’s right, you can bunk off work and fly from Melbourne to Bangkok for $209; or from Brisbane to Ho Chi Minh City for $239; or Sydney to either Osaka or Tokyo for $328.

That’s $200-odd to spend a week nursing a food baby – we can only speak for the staff at PEDESTRIAN.TV but let us loose in literally any other city than the ones we live in and we spend that time just shovelling food into our mouths like we’ve been on the 5:2 diet for three years. There’s that split second where someone questions ‘Do I really need another dumpling?’/’Is ramen a breakfast food?’ and then we remember the answer to both questions is ‘Yes, just eat it already.’

P.TV, erryday.

If you’re not convinced yet, how’s about tucking into: Brisbane to Phuket for $298; Melbourne to Phnom Penh for $226; or from Perth to Bali for just $135?

There’s a heap more deals you can tear into HERE, and we should flag that checked baggage costs a little more, but if you need a travel buddy for this one you know where to find us.