Cheap As O/S Spots That Are Perfecto For Escaping Winter’s Bitter Embrace

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Winter: can you just, y’know, not?
Given that us Aussies are treated to arguably the best weather in the world, it’s no small wonder why we get so off it when the colder months come to literally rain on our parade. 
You, good person of the internet, shouldn’t have to suffer under such ridiculous conditions. You’re deserving of better, and thankfully ‘better’ is only a small hop, skip, jump and plane ride away. 
Behold, several affordable places in Asia that are perfect for dodging winter (at least, as much of it as your annual leave will allow).
Photo: Tourism Malaysia. 
Roughly translating to ‘stopover island’, Pulau Perhentian is where it’s goddamn at. This spot is made up of two islands, Pulau Perhentian Besar and Pulau Perhentian Kecil. Both of ’em offer untouched jungles, bluer-than-blue water and beaches so white you’ll need to don sunglasses to traverse them. Given its proximity to Pulau Redang Marine Park, Perhentian is a must for anyone interested in snorkelling or scuba diving.
Photo: Jochen Schlenker / Getty.
If you’re chasing something more on the cheaper side, then park yourself on Pulau Perhentian Kecil. It’s been developed with backpackers and budget travellers in mind, rather than those keen on dropping thousands. 
If you’re heading from KL, the cheapest way to get yourself there is the overnight bus to Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal. It’ll take around 8 hours, so if you’re able to sleep, you’ll wake up the next morning ready to board a boat to paradise. 
Photo: Prasit photo / Getty.
Look, we won’t bang on about Phuket – we imagine you’re up to speed with this offensively beautiful island. But if you’re looking for a bit of a push to get you to get your damn-fine self over there (that is, if you haven’t already) be sure to keep in mind that beaches don’t get much better than they are in Phuket. 
Photo: Prasit photo / Getty.
Like, so good that you’ll forget what the concept of winter even is. 
Photo: Thant Zaw Wai / Getty.
Timoman Island, located off the coast of Pahang, offers something for those game on chilling as well as those more activity-driven. For the latter, make use of the island’s granite formations and head out for some rock climbing. For the former, lie on the beach all day. 
Photo: Westend61 / Getty.
Regardless of your attitude toward exercise, a leisurely walk through the island will be enjoyable for your whole gang. In doing so, you’ll be able to suss all the A+ flora and fauna of the spot – a lot of which has been featured in several National Geographic documentaries.
To get yourself to Tioman Island from KL, you’ll need to catch a 6-7 hour bus to Mersing Ferry Terminal. Sure, it’s a bit of a headache, but 110% worth the hassle. 
Photo: Weerakarn Satitniramai / Getty.
Hey, just because you’re escaping to warmer weather doesn’t mean you have to spend an entire trip on the beach, right? Enter Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city that offers cultural experiences in spades (as well as non-bank-busting means to relax). 
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Given that this city’s reputation proceeds itself, we’re just gonna encourage you to get there ASAP folks.
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