Tell Us Why Yr Despo For A Vacay In The Philippines & We Might Shout You A Coupla Flights There
PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Cebu Pacific Air to send you on the trip of a lifetime to the Philippines.

Ever since I came to terms with the fact I wasn’t going to get a proper summer here in rainy Melbourne anytime soon, I’ve been dreaming about laying on a crystal-clear beach, with blue skies, a balmy breeze and a good book. Throw in a cocktail (or two) and we’ve got the absolute dream situation right there, amirite?

In pondering where I could make my beachside dream a reality, my TikTok algorithm (unsurprisingly) pointed me in the right direction. I got sucked into a bunch of those infamous “Day In The Life” videos by my favourite TikTokers @naomikebble and @alidaballestro who recently set off to the Philippines for 10 days.

For a place that wasn’t originally on the top of my bucket list, it rose up there pretty quick after I saw epic scenes of the beautiful Kawasan Falls in Cebu, and the lesser-known Chocolate Hills in Bohol — a sight that looks like it could be pulled from an alternate Charlie and The Chocolate Factory reality. Outside of that, there’s another 7,641 (!!!!)  islands to explore like Boracay, Siargo and Coron that offer blue lagoons and rock pools to live out your best island holiday.

After some light research, turns out it’s also just shy of nine hours from Australia by plane, so ya won’t have to put yourself through any of those rogue long-haul flight dramas. Been der, done dat and it ain’t pretty.

If all this talk is enticing you to get your butt on a plane to this island paradise immediately, it could be easier than you think, folks.

All you’ve gotta do is tell us in 25 words or less why you would like to visit the Philippines (which can’t be hard after our lil chat, hey?) and Cebu Pacific Air might shout you and a mate roundtrip tickets to Manila from either Sydney or Melbourne. That way, you can put your flight money into some extra bevs, a nicer villa or a cheeky whale/shark diving tour. How’s that for an annual leave treat?

WIN: Tell Us Why Yr Despo For A Vacay In The Philippines & We Might Shout You A Coupla Flights There

Alternatively, if you’re too committed to the cause now to even leave it to chance (‘cos same), you’ll be happy to know that the legends at Cebu Pacific Air are also offering the lowest fares with seat sales for the whole month of March to celebrate their 27th birthday. Flights leave from both Sydney and Melbourne (with Melbourne flights resuming March 27). Prices start from just $169 one-way, which is pretty damn neato in this economy, if ya ask me.

We recommend taking a sneaky peek here if ya know what’s good for ya. Your wallet will thank you for it, I’m sure.

Image: R.M. Nunes / Simon Dannhauer