Can’t Afford Vegas? Head To Its Equally Epic / Closer Doppelgänger

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Flight Centre to get you exploring one of Asia‘s most epic locations: Macao. Know as the ‘Vegas of China‘, this city ain’t one to disappoint – especially ‘cos getting there won’t cost as much as flying to the States. Get the legends at Flight Centre to hook you up with a trip to Macao by heading HERE.

Las Vegas has always held a, “GET ME THERE NOW,” charm over us Aussies – we’re like drunken moths to the city’s purple neon flame. But heck, international travel is expenno as all hell, and Vegas ain’t an exception. 
If you’re chasing an affordable alternative that’s (depending on the boxes you need ticked from a vaycay) arguably better than Nevada‘s most populated city, then we’ve got just the thing for ya. 
China‘s Macao is just a stone’s throw (well, a significant stone’s throw, but you get what we mean) from Hong Kong. The city was once more Portuguese than a Nando’s restaurant, having been one of the nation’s colonies since the 1500s, before being handed back to China in the late 90s. 
This would explain why you might’ve spelt Macao as Macau – it’s Portuguese spelling that’s still widely used. The city’s history accounts for its ace blending of cultural influences that make it such an epic place to visit. Like, it’s literally the most densely populated area in the world, which suggests folks are pretty deadset keen on living there. Why? Well, just check out the epic stuff you can see / do / eat while you’re there, and you might understand. 
Photo: TripAdvisor.
PANDAS. NEED WE SAY MORE? SAH FKN CUTE. DED. Head to the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion to catch a glimpse of the offensively adorable duo, Kai Kai and Xin Xin. The place itself is normally pretty quiet, so you’ll be able to squeal over their cuteness in peace. 
Photo: Visit Our China.
Wine: the nectar of the gods. Does it deserve its own museum? Errr, yes. We can’t think of anything else in the universe more deserving of its own museum. For a small fee, you can learn all about the vino made in Macao, its links to the city’s Portuguese heritage and sample a few of ’em too at Macao Wine Museum
Photo: The Parisian Macao. 
Having just opened in September, The Parisian wasn’t all that expensive to build – it just set its owners back a chill US$2.5 billion. As you could imagine with a price tag like that, it’s stuffed with jaw-dropping stuff to see and do. Its biggest draw is its Eiffel Tower replica (which has been designed the same as its Vegas’ namesake) that’s half the size of France‘s OG landmark. You can, of course, climb the structure and soak up the city’s views.   
Photo: The Parisian Macao. 
The nek-level hotel also boasts a waterpark, shopping mall and hosts some pretty bitchin’ pool parties whose decadence gives a Miami equivalent a run for its money. All-in-all, the joint has 3,000 rooms / suites, 450 table games and 2,500 slot machines.
Photo: The Parisian Macao. 
Speaking of Eiffel Tower replicas, one of Macao’s must-eat-at joints is located within its faux landmark. La Chine‘s menu is all about Chinese and French fusion – a pairing that might initially leave you scratching your head, but one that we’re happy to confirm is drool-inducing. Think: Caramelised Pineapple Tart Tatin with a Coconut Ice Cream (if you’re wondering how those foods blend ‘n whatnot). If you decide to swing past, don’t pass up the opportunity to get around the Roasted Duckling a l’ Orange. That shit’s life-changing.  

Photo: Doraemon.tvb / Wikimedia Commons.
Keen on getting your Masterchef on for your next holiday? Macao’s got you sorted. Head to the Red Market, which has been aptly named as such because of – you guessed it – its red-brick exterior. The three-storey building separates its offerings by level, so finding ingredients is a bloody breeze. Heading to this landmark is your best bet of exposing yourself to traditional cuisines that’ll get your tummy grumbling real quick. 

Photo: It’s Macau. 
You know you’re one good-looking facade when you’ve got UNESCO World Heritage status. Originally the Church of Mater Dei, The Ruins of St. Paul’s were struck down by one hell of a typhoon in 1835. Although it’s kinda / sorta just a pretty pile of bricks, this structure is Macao’s most iconic. Defs worth a visit to hit your holiday’s cultural quota.  

Photo: The Venetian Macao. 
Sure, some might consider including a second casino in a travel guide to be overkill (or agenda-pushing, lol), but it’s Macao we’re talking about, guys. You don’t earn your keep as a Vegas comparison without a heap of places in which people can blow their money. That’s why the epic Venetian has earned its spot in this guide. So, what separates it from the other geographically named casinos in the city? Just things like: gondola rides (‘cos Venice), nek-level mini golf and Venetian-style pools. 

Photo: Taipa Village Macau.
If one goes on holiday and doesn’t drop a heap of cash on location-specific wares, did they even go on holiday? Head to Taipa Flea Market to get your lucky mittens on everything from antiques to stamps – it gets cranking from 11:00am to 8:00pm every Sunday in Bombeiros Square, Taipa Village. Who needs a souvenir shop when you’ve got flea markets at ya’ disposal?!
Yep, we know – Macao’s fkn amazeballs. We’re hot under the collar too, don’t you worry. 
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Photo: The Parisian Macao.