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Let’s be real here. It’s one thing to get outta town and away from the stress of another work day where Sharon from accounting is on your back about some misfiled papers that literally anyone could do. But it’s a whole other thing to get out of town to one of the most luxe, extra AF cabins that Australia has to offer.

They’re pretty much worth it for the Insta snaps alone – these places are next level and despite the ‘cabin’ label conjuring up dodgy memories of squeezing your entire extended fam into one room, they will have you living the glam life that you were truly born to lead.

Have a sneaky peruse of these top-notch cabins and a lil’ daydream about how frankly delightful life would be after spending a few nights in one.

Kimo Estate, NSW

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Glamping is a hilariously ridiculous word, but I also really, really want to do it and will not rest until I achieve a lifelong dream of sleeping within a triangular prism of relaxation. And most importantly it’s not surrounded by any other humans, which I love. This particular off-the-grid cabin is called JR’s Eco Hut, and you can find it in Gundagai, NSW (yep, the place famous for a dog on a tuckerbox).

Longitude 131, NT

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For a lot of people, the idea of camping in the Outback probably conjures up dusty images of swags and hiking sticks, but honestly this place is one of the most luxe locales around. Just imagine casually waking up in a glass room on linen sheets, before heading out to dine with Uluru right outside. It’s fine. No big deal. Not at all.

Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse, NSW

Excuse me while I run away and live out all of my George of the Jungle dreams in this treehouse. Seriously, if there was ever a place that would make you want to swing on vines, this is gonna be it. These digs are smack dab in the Blue Mountains, far enough away that you won’t have to worry about your phone buzzing with emails while you slowly melt in an indoor hot tub overlooking the forest.

The Container, TAS

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Look, I’ll be the first to admit that the name ‘The Container’ didn’t necessarily inspire a whole lot of confidence in the luxury aspect, but I am willing to admit how wrong I was – just this once. And honestly, as if you’ve never kind of wanted to have a bath in the middle of the open air. Seriously, you could roam around starkers and not have any issue. There’s serious appeal there. Secluded from the rest of the world, this chic shack is off the mainland in Tasmania.

Canopy Treehouses, QLD

I never had a treehouse as I was growing up, partly cos’ my parents didn’t want one and partly cos’ there was a distinct lack of trees in our backyard – and yet, a treehouse was all my little heart wanted. Now that I’ve matured, you can be damn sure that I will stay in as many luxury treehouses as I physically can. Because I am an adult. And because if they look as incredible as these do, I may never leave. The Canopy Treehouses (incl. a main Bower house as well as the other treehouses) are hidden in the rainforest way up in Cairns, QLD.

Bruny Island Hideaway, TAS

Who’d have thought that Tassie would have so many brill cabins nestled about the place? Bruny Island Hideaway is probably one of the smallest lil’ cabins on this list, but it’s so cute that if it was a human you’d just want to pick it up and squish it with love. It’s surrounded by 99 acres of conservation forest, and it’s made of such special wood that you aren’t allowed to wear shoes. Mandatory bare feet are a-okay by me (shoes are a prison), so I’m all for it.

The Frames, SA

Welcoming team South Australia to the list, The Frames are literal squares (seriously is it just me or are all fancy cabins very geometric?) that overlook the Murray River and frankly would be a great place to both relax and play that game where you hit the ball against the wall. These three glam villas are each themed differently and feature original artworks in each, so you can pick and choose which one suits you best. Or, try them all. One day at a time, friend. One day at a time.

Bubble Tent, NSW

I would simply not be doing my job properly if I did not mention the bubble kingdom. For all those times that you laid in bed at night thinking, “needs more sky”, the bubble tents are here to basically make you feel like you’re outside at all times. It’s essentially a big pocket of air with soft furnishings and bulbous walls. Bonus points for this place because I think it would look wicked if it was raining heavily.

A day or two in one of these cabins could probably make even the Scroogiest of humans feel joy, plus if you whack the cost on Bankwest‘s Platinum More Mastercard you might nab some bonus rewards points each year and earn some sweet rewards. Not a bad deal, friends.

Brb, going to hide away from the world for a bit.

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