WIN: Tell Us All About Your Biggest Holiday Disaster & We’ll Help You Make Up For It

Cast your mind back to a pre-2020 era. To a time when we booked holidays and, you know, went places. Back in this golden time of travel, there was a lot of fun to be had: sipping premium cocktails on a sunny beach and marvelling at the world’s natural wonders, for starters.

It was a glorious time.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. We want to talk about the other travel days. The holidays where your flight’s so delayed it causes you to miss your connecting flight, and by the time you arrive on the off-grid Greek Island that looked so lush in photos, the four taxi drivers on the island are busy and all the rental cars are gone.

You hop on the local bus to your accommodation and find that Google Maps was wrong — it’s not a two-minute stroll from the bus stop, but a two-kilometre trek down a rocky dirt road in 40-degree heat. And you have too many suitcases in tow because, yes, you’re in the stressful and life-altering process of moving overseas, too.

You finally make it to your holiday rental but at this point, there are bugs everywhere, you’re three meltdowns deep, and you decide to cut your losses and book a bougie hotel room. At this point, the only thing that’ll soothe your soul is air conditioning, settling down at the bar and going straight to the top shelf for a big, ice-cold, cocktail made with premium spirits only, thankyouverymuch.

Welcome to one of my worst travel days.

And that brings us to you, dear reader. We’ve partnered with Grey Goose vodka to turn your worst travel disaster into a big win by giving away a staycation for you and a mate. Because we all know that treating yourself to a cheeky tipple is the only thing that’ll soothe the frayed edges and turn a holiday disaster around — you deserve it.

The reason we’ve partnered with Grey Goose vodka for this giveaway should be obvious, but we’ll explain anyway. It’s the kind of bottle you buy when you want to impress your mates and make an afternoon a little bit fancier. Sure, the bottle screams “premium” but it’s the flavour Grey Goose vodka gleans out of their premium French ingredients during the distilling process that makes it truly special. And when our day goes all wrong, there’s one thing that never fails to lift a mood: a delicious cocktail made with premium spirits.

That’s why we want your juiciest stories: because the prize is sweet, so we deserve a little dirt. Do so, and you could win two nights in a premium hotel in your closest major city, we’ll give you two bottles of Grey Goose vodka, and we’ll also cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your entire stay.

To enter, just tell us about your biggest travel disaster in 25 words or less and we’ll pop you into the draw to take out this prize.

Tell Us All About Your Biggest Holiday Disaster & We’ll Help You Make Up For It