Better Book That Ticket To London, ‘Cause The Pound Just Plummeted

If you wanna book a ticket to London, now’s the time – the pound has plummeted to a three decade low.

This is of course thanks to Brexit actually fukken’ happening, which has caused economists to shit bricks and which you can read more about here.

It’s being reported that the Sterling fell by 10.6oc against the US dollar, taking it as low as $1.33.04 – the lowest level since 1985.

The Australian dollar has followed suite, tracking the pound to fall 2.9% to 73.8 US cents, although the losses were not as steep.

However… look it’s been a weird day full of uncertainty, and none are the exception.

So yep. Now would be the time to buy Sterling, especially if you have US Dollars.

Source: Telegraph / ABC.