Some Absolute Bucket List Swimming Holes In Oz To Visit Once Lockdown Is Finito

swimming holes

I don’t know about you, but my isolation is spent fantasising about travel destinations I currently can’t go to. Being a summer baby, I mainly focus on beaches and swimming holes – and since we won’t be going overseas for a while yet, my current fantasies revolve around Aussie locations.

I’ve travelled around Australia, so I have discovered my fair share of heavenly water bodies. If you’re missing out on your Euro trip this year, why not make pencilled-in plans to hit up one of these spots once domestic travel is allowed?

1. Bitter Springs, Mataranka NT

The NT is filled with gorgeous waterholes for swimming, and as long as you pay attention to the signposts and don’t swim where you shouldn’t, you’ll be safe from the crocs, too.

Bitter Springs, in Mataranka, is ridiculously pretty. Like, ridiculous – the water is legitimately that turquoise blue you can see in the pic above.

2. Babinda Boulders, Babinda QLD

You might think Queensland and think Great Barrier Reef, but the state has loads of beautiful, rainforest swimming holes as well.

Babinda Boulders is easy to get to (right off the highway up to Cairns), and a great spot for a dip. If you take the walk around to Devil’s Pool, make sure you don’t swim – it’s illegal to do so because it’s pretty dangerous. Absolutely stunning to look at, though, and well worth the walk post-swim.

3. Crystal Creek, Townsville QLD

Another one of those ridiculously pretty swimming holes, Crystal Creek is a short drive outside of Townsville and features THAT amazing old bridge as a backdrop. The water is cool and refreshing, and after you can dry off on the many boulders around the water.

4. Wattamolla Falls, Royal National Park NSW

Kinda a beach, kinda not, Wattamolla is well-known in Sydney as a day trip destination every summer. Inside the Royal National Park, it’s one of those pack-an-esky spots where you can easily spend the whole day eating, napping and having a dip.

5. Hamersley Gorge, Karijini National Park WA

Karijini National Park is STUPID pretty, and if you can get up there (it’s quite remote, in the WA Pilbara region) you MUST go. It’s my favourite place in Australia, and I’ve been everywhere, man.

There are heaps of breathtaking gorges with swimming holes in them, but Hamersley Gorge was my stand-out. The rocks, as you can see, are something else. And that water is clear, fresh, and heavenly.

6. Black Diamond Lake, Collie WA

An IG fan’s dream, Black Diamond Lake is picture perfect as far as swimming holes go. The huge space means you won’t be clamouring for a patch of water to yourself, either.

7. Ellery Creek Big Hole, Alice Springs NT

In the MacDonnell Ranges you’ll find Ellery Creek Big Hole, filled year-round with fresh water. At some points in the season it might be murkier than others, but when you catch it at a good level, MAN is it amazing. Lie on the sandy banks with a book – you’ll likely be one of the only folks there.

8. Turpin’s Falls, Kyneton VIC

Not far outside of Melbourne is Turpin’s Falls, which gives the double whammy of a waterfall AND a swimming hole. The short 1.5 hour drive means you can head there for an arvo dip, if you live in Melbs.

9. Ladies Bath Falls, Bright VIC

Back in the 30s and 40s, this spot was used by women in the area to bathe during the long trek up the alps. Now, anyone can take a dip during their hike – and should, too.

10. Never Never Creek, Bellingen NSW

One of my faaaavourite swimming holes in NSW, Never Never Creek is technically in the “Promised Lands”, but in terms of nearby towns is actually near Bellingen. It’s up north, and a bit of a detour inland if you’re headed to Byron.

But a very valid detour, because it’s a beautiful spot you could easily chill at for hours.

11. Ewen Ponds, Ewen Ponds Conservation Reserve SA

These ponds get their water from the limestone springs, and are ridiculously clear – a fave among divers and snorkellers.

12. Dalhousie Springs, Simpson Desert SA

These are wild – hot springs that reach 38 – 43 degrees! It’s not exactly a cool down, but surprisingly is ridiculously refreshing – especially after a long day of dirt track driving.

13. Cataract Gorge, Launceston TAS

If it’s a hot summer’s day in Tassie, this is the spot to visit. Just outside of Launceston, it’s also got beautiful walks and picnic spots.