Pet friendly accommodation used to be super hard to find. When you did suss motels and hotels that allowed your dog, they were usually, well, kinda average.

These days though accommodation places are wisening up to the fact that we wanna take our best furry mate on holidays with us sometimes. While you can find hotels and motels now that are swish AND dog friendly, one of the best options is still Airbnb.

I find this mainly because my dog loves a big yard, and while we have one it’s not exactly wide open spaces. Taking her on holidays where she can snuffle around a big farm or long dog friendly beach is such a vibe, for me and my Millie Moo.

Since all my weekenders during COVID have involved me taking Moo to an Airbnb, I figured I may as well share my research with you. I’ve included all states because (hopefully) lockdown is temporary and by summer, we can all head out in Australia to enjoy a well-deserved vacay. Especially you guys, VIC <3.


1. Gold Coast Hinterland

You can bring your doggy AND your horsie to this beautiful villa in the lush GC hinterland. It’s got heating for cooler months and air con for the warmer summer, plus a pool with a MAJOR view.

2. Mudgeeraba

That VIEW!! Can you even handle it? I don’t think I’d leave that coffee table, to be honest. One thing to note is the owner of this Airbnb has a dog who is friendly, so if yours is… not, maybe avoid.The yard also isn’t fenced, but on a huge property like this, if your dog is adventurous but well-behaved and loves a puppy playdate, you’re set.

3. Imbil

Set on a chill 120 acres, this cabin will have your pup out on an adventure every day.

4. Coolum Beach

I know what you’re thinking – that’s a LOT of white for a dog friendly Airbnb. But if you’ve got a clean, well-behaved pupper who won’t clamber all over the gorgeous furniture, this property is painfully chic and in a great location for some beach days.

New South Wales

1. Upper Colo

This beautiful house is right on a lake, and offers stuff like kayaking and swimming, or you could just lie on the deck and read while your doggo goes for a swim. Either/or, really.

2.  Currarong

I’ve actually stayed here before! Which is why I’m including it – this big, airy property has a massive yard which, while unfenced, will suit dogs that love to explore but will come back when you call. It’s also minutes walk from a gorge doggy friendly bushwalk and doggy friendly beach.

3. Byron Bay

This farm stay is just 3 k’s from Byron, and they’ll even provide bikes so you can wheel into town whenever you like. Your doggo, however, will love all the wide open space.


1. Dandenong Ranges

Is this not the cutest cottage you’ve ever seen? This chic property is on a farm in the Dandenong Ranges, and includes brekkie for two.

2. Castlemaine

pet friendly

This self-contained studio in Castlemaine is so cute, and those cement floors mean less stress about your dog scratching ’em with its nails.

3. Daylesford

This ridiculously beaut property in Daylesford is full of big windows and cosy furnishings, a perfect spring (hopefully!!) escape for VIC dwellers.

South Australia

1. Barossa Valley

pet friendly

The Coach House is a huge 7 bedroom property in Gawler, and it’s a historic building that’s been rehabbed like, well, look above. Amazing, right?

2. Murray River

Yep, that’s a floating boathouse! Part of the Riverglen Marina Reserve, the small but swish property is pet friendly, and perfect if you love a good fish – there’s a deck where you can chill, fish, and maybe let your dog go for a lil swim.

3. Eyre Peninsula

pet friendly

Right on the edge of Perlubie Beach, this heavenly property has views in every room, so you can take advantage of the killer sunsets.

Western Australia

1. Broome

pet friendly

This beautiful Balinese-style home overlooks Roebuck Bay, and while you can’t have your pets inside the house, the big deck will see them lounging in style.

2. South West Wine Region

pet friendly

Feel like a vino vacay, but with your pup in tow? This property is smack-bang in the middle of the gorge South West wine region, and is set on 110 acres complete with a lake for kayaking adventures.


1. Dial Ranges

pet friendly

This ridiculously swish barn house is as pet friendly as they come – you just have to keep them out of the bedrooms due to wool carpet. They also provide heaps of gear for your holiday, even hiking packs.

2. Coles Bay

This waterfront property will loan you kayaks for a cruise, comes with plenty of primo fishing spots and promises incred sunsets from the deck.