Avoid Living Another Missed Flight Horror Story With These Pre-Travel Tips

Travelling is a beautiful and necessary thing that can change your life, so it would be a tragedy to mess that up before it has the chance to, you know, begin. One surefire way to do that? To be late. To miss your flight. Happens to the best of us, but you won’t get a sigh of sympathy from too many people should it happen to you.

Oh honey, no

Why would I say something so violently savage? Because there are hella easy ways to save yourself from such a kerfuffle, and the fact that you’re here, reading this article, tells me you’re keen on hearing how. You’ve made a swell choice. Keep scrolling to see how to go from home to holiday like it ain’t no thing.


If you were to believe your always-concerned parents, you’d think that one must arrive at the airport at least 15 hours before their flight. But is that really the case? No, obviously not. But gosh parents’ worrisome ways are cute, aren’t they? Also no. Also obviously not.

Whateva you say, ma

Qantas‘ website recommends anywhere from 45 mins-2 hours for a domestic flight and anywhere from 1-2 hours for international. Me tho? I think I must’ve been raised by my parents (fancy that) because I’d recommend popping another halfa onto both. It’s better to be safe than sorry and all that jazz and also, have you even seen an airport lately?

SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES. Seriously, don’t eat before coming and tuck into all the bloody food and drink. For example, Brisbane Domestic Terminal has all your faves like Roll’d, Krispy Kreme and Carl’s Jr, because there’s really no harm in starting your holiday non-diet early. If you’re going via International Terminal? Well, friends, they have a Wellness Spa and I’m here for it.

Alternatively, go for a shop (Duty Free is always a fave, just sayin’) finish off any loose ends from work and settle into holiday mode.


Checking in prior to your flight is an obvious one, but also a regular oversight being one of those last-minute thangs. Make sure you’re around when your check-in opens and closes, and just get it done, aye. It really does speed up the process so you’ll have more time to relax knowing you’ll be on time for your flight. It also means they won’t let that plane fly away without repetitively calling your name over that speakerphone first.


Parking is good because you are in control your fate – as well as Google Maps of course – but all in all it’s a good option. Brisbane Airport Parking gives you the option to pre-book your parking (which is considerably cheaper, mind you) so you can just slide right in like a playa into a DM.

It’s also just steps away from the Domestic Terminal which is v. convenient. It’s a time saver, delivers peace of mind and makes returning back to normal life that lil’ bit easier if your car’s there upon return. Plus, if you’re real prepared you’ll have snacks and such in the backseat ready for ya.


Humans tend to think that they’ll *definitely* wear something on holiday that hasn’t been worn in normal, everyday life for over a year. Translation? We tend to overpack. But considering you’re probs about to go somewhere ‘gram worthy, you don’t necessarily want to underpack either.

If you’ve got a scale at home, weigh your bags and be across what’s included in the baggage limits. For example, a laptop might not be considered part of the weight allowance as it’s deemed a personal item.

Don’t have a scale at home? (Don’t worry, I don’t like to invite that kind of nonsense into my life either.) Arrive early, as mentioned above, and weigh your bags at the airport. If you’re over, take anything extra back to your car. If you’re under? Grab some backup stuff that you brought in the car just incase. If you’re spot on? Well, good.

While you’re at it, clean your carry ons. Thinking about my handbag right now, I can confidently say it’s full of assorted junk food wrappers, coins complete with goo, 1,312 bobby pins and other literal garbage. So hot. How do I not have a boyfriend?

Regardless, all that little gross stuff adds up in weight.

If you’re heading off on a domestic flight, you don’t need to worry about grouping all your liquids together. But for the love of god, if you’re going on an international flight, get your liquids in order. Don’t be that person who holds up a customs line because all your cosmetics are all over the shop. There’s really nothing worse. (Other than, um, life-threatening diseases.)

Now sod off and go on your life-changing holiday. I’ll be here. At my desk. Crying.