Australia Is The Most Popular Humblebragger On Instagram

Instagram is ordinarily a vapid hotbed of sunrises/sets, tropical fruits near large bodies of water, latte art and face-punchingly adorable animals whose je ne sais quoi cannot be dealt with at the best of times. 

It should come as no surprise then that the official Tourism Australia Instagram, @Australia, is the platform’s most popular when compared with other countries’ international tourism board profiles, considering that’s pretty much it’s exact MO: marsupial, landscape, brunch, repeat. 
Per a vital News Ltd. report, Tourism Australia’s page celebrates a milestone today having just clocked over one million fans. Canada, meanwhile, boasts considerably less with 131,000; New Zealand an affable 30,000; Britain a cute 11,000 and South Africa fares far worse with only 6,000. This idiot, meanwhile, has 525,000. Can you?
In related news, Instagram last week also revealed its most popular photo and geotagged locations for 2014. 
Those dubious honorific went to two boobs and a fun park respectively.

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