Australia Is Officially In The Top 10 Friendliest Countries For Tourists

Lists are fun, and help us makes sense of the chaos that surrounds us in this unthinking universe, so with that in mind, the World Economic Forum have gone ahead and released a list of the world’s most tourist-friendly countries.
Give yourself a pat on the back, Australia, because you cracked a spot in the top 10. 
The Travel And Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015, released this week, placed Australia seventh on the list, with Spain taking out the number one spot, thanks to its culture, infrastructure and “outstanding attractions.”
Australia is home to the largest number of amusing gifs of kangaroos behaving like assholes World Heritage listed natural sites, and attractions like the Great Barrier Reef helped us make the cut.
The report also made note of our fair nation’s excellent “air transport infrastructure” – clearly the World Economic Forum didn’t get the memo about our eye-wateringly expensive public transport, so please go ahead and don’t tell them about that. 
141 countries were considered in the report, with factors including business environment, culture, safety and health all considered. Europe took out the majority of the top 10 spots, which consisted of:
1. Spain 
2. France 
3. Germany 
4. USA 
5. UK 
6. Switzerland 
7. Australia 
8. Italy 
9. Japan 
10. Canada
via Traveler
Photo: Ryan Pierse via Getty Images