This Aussie TikToker’s Wild Story About Being Bitten By A Monkey In Bali Is Peak Chaos

Aussie TikToker Jami Groves being bitten by a monkey in Bali, Indonesia, and doing a story time video on TikTok

Aussie influencer Jami Groves has really been through the ringer lately. After being bitten by a monkey in Bali, Indonesia, she’s had to *checks notes* have six urgent rabies shots for $3700, an IV drip to cure Bali belly – before having a bad reaction to the IV drip itself – and two MORE rabies shots.

Grove’s run of bad luck is going viral on TikTok, where the latest story time video of her experience has been watched by more than 500,000 people.

Due to the news coverage surrounding her altercation with the monkey, the TikToker claims a Bali politician is now trying to blacklist her from the country. JFC. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Unless?? 

In the video, she explains she’s paid thousands in medical costs, as well as delaying a trip to Europe after being declared unfit to fly.

Javi – who is on IG as @jamigroves – poked fun at her wild situation in a “put a finger down” video on TikTok, and took nearly two minutes of storytelling before she finally reached the end. 

“Put a finger down if… you posted a TikTok that you thought was going to be funny but it ended up blowing up to three million views, and then all the news agencies jumped on it which was all fun and games until they started using my most ‘provocative photo’ as clickbait, to make sure the story wasn’t even about the monkey anymore,” she said. 

“Then it went to the Balinese news and a self-proclaimed Balinese politician is trying to blacklist you from the country for defaming Bali, which was never your intention, and you love Bali, you just fucking hate monkeys.”

Aussie TikTok influencer Jami Groves receiving treatment for a monkey bite in Bali Indonesia

Jami in a Balinese hospital getting treatment for a monkey bite. (Image: Instagram @jamigroves)

Local media hasn’t covered the whole Bali blacklisting sitch, so it’s not clear how legit this threat is. We’re not entirely sure what a “self-proclaimed politician” is, so make of that what you will.

Thankfully, Jami told her followers travel insurance will cover some of the costs, telling her followers she’d already put in a bunch of claims.

The other TikTokers in her mentions were gagged by her whole ~journey~ and a bunch recounted their own wild animal bites. 

“Does it count if it was a wild dog that bit my leg in Bali? My vaccines added up to $9000,” one wrote. 

“Damn, I got bitten by a monkey in Bali when I was nine and my parents were like, ‘She’ll be right’,” another commented.

“I got bitten by a monkey, category three bite. Immunoglobulin shots over a couple months but didn’t need all of that. Went back to Perth and spoke to travel doctors back home and they said lucky I waited until I was home… saved a lot of money,” another added. 

Consider me well and truly warned: I WILL be getting a rabies shot before I head overseas!!!

Feature image: Instagram @jamigroves & TikTok @jamdrobe3