Airline Ordered To Pay Model $125K After Spilling Boiling Ramen On Her Bits

Whenever I find myself on a plane, I’m always fascinated by meal service.

It’s not just because I love eating. The way the flight attendants do their job is pretty spectacular.

They manage to serve hundreds of (usually cranky) people with efficiency and a smile. They can seperate napkins with frightening precision. They manage to pour red wine without any of it ending up on anyone. A true feat.

But when serving hot beverages 45,000 feet above sea level, accidents are bound to happen.

Back in 2014, a model identified only by her surname Chang was flying from Incheon, Korea, to Paris in Asiana Airlines’ business class. During the flight, a crew member accidentally spilt instant noodle soup on Chang, causing second and third-degree burns to her “private parts”, thighs and abdomen.

Four years later and despite several operations, the former model hasn’t fully recovered, and so has been awarded a payout to the tune of AUD$125,000.

“Even after years of skin transplant surgery, I cannot fully recover,” she said in a court hearing.

“The burn to the core is also affecting my relationship with my husband. I was also told that it can cause danger if I get pregnant.”

Burns are horrifically painful, and the passenger claims the plane didn’t have adequate emergency supplies to treat her properly mid-air. Instead, she was forced to rely on a bag of ice, ointment and pain relief pills until the plane reached its destination.

Asiana Airlines weren’t too keen on copping the blame, instead claiming the woman “accidentally knocked over a tray of ramen dishes.”

They also claimed they “took emergent care as directed by a doctor on the plane”.

The Seoul District Court ruled in favour of Chang last Wednesday, ordering the flight attendant and Asiana Airlines to jointly pay her 109.6 million won (AUD$127,000).

Moral of the story? Stick to the ice cold Baileys.