If you’re looking to exchange something for goods and services, you truly cannot go past money – it has a fixed value, it’s almost universally accepted in shops, and it’s easier to carry with you than, say, a sack full of semi-precious stones. Unfortunately, it does have one big drawback: you do not have an infinite amount of it. Luckily for us, we live in a time where it’s never been easier to exchange your excess time, space, and expertise in exchange for money. Thanks to the sharing economy, connecting the things you can offer with the people who want them offered is a hell of a lot more straightforward than the nightmare hell that is applying for jobs, and it just got even easier in Melbourne.

Turn Your Secret Melbourne Knowledge Into Cash With Airbnb Experiences

Know where all the good galleries are? Reckon you could take someone on a grouse tour of some breweries? Have an insanely detailed knowledge of the city’s best HSP places? Did you for some reason memorise all the filming locations from the 2007 film ‘Ghost Rider‘ and would love to share that knowledge with fans of the film? These are all things you could start monetising, thanks to Airbnb Experiences.

Experiences works much the same as Airbnb-ing out a home, except instead of temporarily being given accommodation, you are given an experience. Pretty straightforward really. The examples they provide are a tour of Melbourne’s best cafes, a look at the city’s best farmer’s markets and a chat to those same farmers, a vintage clothes shopping whirlwind, a hike in search of some roos, and an insider look at Melbourne’s wildly diverse music scenes.

If you reckon you’ve got something to offer visiting punters, you can check out how it all works and chuck up a listing right here. Conversely, if you yourself are a visiting punter, you can see what secrets the locals are willing to share with you here.

Image: Wikipedia