Airbnb Is Sending 5 People To Antarctica & You Don’t Need To Be A Scientist To Score A Spot

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I am pre-warning you not to apply for this, because the only person who is allowed to apply is me. But, fine, I shouldn’t be rude since at least four of you can also come – Airbnb and Ocean Conservancy are offering five lucky people a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica. Yes, Antarctica.

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The trip is part of a scientific research mission, although you don’t have to be a qualified scientist to apply. In fact, you don’t have to be a sciencer at all! As the presser says:

No formal qualifications required – you just need an adventurous spirit, passion for the environment and willingness to apply!

Great, I love the environment and I am extremely keen to apply, and in some circumstances when there aren’t chances of rogue, giant spiders landing on my face during the night, I have an adventurous spirit.

Credit: Supplied

If you score a spot, you’ll travel with Antarctic Scientist Kirstie Jones-Williams this December, to collect snow samples and study the extent to which microplastics have made their way to the interior of Antarctica.

The goal of the Antarctic Sabbatical is to bring greater awareness to humans’ impact on the climate in one of the world’s least understood and most isolated ecosystems. By understanding the impact of plastic pollution generated elsewhere in the world, the citizen scientists will deliver insights on how the global community can help protect both Antarctica and the planet.

The expedition will be one month long, involving immersion training in Chile, with field work, study and equipment practice. Then, you’ll fly to Antarctica where you’ll land on a NATURALLY FORMED BLUE ICE RUNWAY which is really all you need to make this trip worth it, IMO.

From there, your work begins for a while (the collecting snow samples part), but then Airbnb and Ocean Conservancy will take you to the South Pole where you can “walk around the globe in just a few steps”. Madness.

You’ll also get to explore Drake Icefall, Charles Peak Windscoop, and Elephant’s Head to learn about the continent’s geography.

If you’re keen as a bean (only four of you, please, I told you before) you can apply for the sabbatical here.