Air New Zealand’s $600 Flight Sale Was So Popular It Crashed Their Website

We all know that speed is the essence of snaring one of the various insane flight deals that airlines routinely put up, but even in their wildest dreams Air New Zealand wasn’t expecting just how much people would froth on their latest offer.

The Kiwi karrier launched their cutely named ‘Lolly Scramble‘ sale earlier this morning, celebrating the airline’s tradition of handing out treaties for sweeties on-board flights by flogging off 600 international return fares for just $600 a pop. The fares on offer will take peeps to places like ShanghaiVietnamTahiti, and, uh… Perth.

Still, a good ass deal is a good ass deal, and punters flocked to the Air NZ site in such ferocious numbers when the sale began that the airline’s entire website caved in.

The fares were scheduled to be on offer from 9am NZ time, but when the clock struck time the website was suddenly returning “temporarily unavailable” responses. Travellers frothing on a deal took to Twitter to voice their various displeasures.

The website outages were seemingly temporary, fortunately, and the sale continued unabated until 2pm NZ time (ending a short time ago, so bad luck ya jerks).

The whole shebang is being run in conjunction with a new marketing video featuring the utterly adorable Lolly Runners the airline somehow manages to employ on flights.

Cheap flights? Choice. A crashed website? Decidedly less so.