WATCH: Air New Zealand’s Unreal Christmas Video Is A Solid Sux Out Of Tin

Bless New Zealand. Bless every goddamned thing about ’em. Somehow our perfect Pacific neighbours keep pumping out glorious content that hilariously takes the piss out of themselves in the most endearing fashion possible. And just about no one from the land of the long white cloud is better at that than the national carrier, Air New Zealand.

Air NZ’s in-flight safety vids are legendary enough in their own right, but just because the festive season’s upon us doesn’t mean they’re slowing down. Not even in the slightest.

The airline has put out their seasonal greeting clip, and it’s incredibly endearing.

Poking fun at their own incredibly twisted accent, the clip shows poor old Santa having a hell of a time filling orders from Kiwi kids, until the helpful Air New Zealand crew steps in to save the day.

Man, it’s just so sweet and wholesome. Who else wants to hop over the pond and spend Christmas with the fam in Auckland?

Imagine it. A crisp Christmas morning, cracking open a fresh bag of pineapple lumps, sipping an ice cold L&P, a six pack of tasty Tuatara cooling in the chilly bin, Shihad blasting on the stereo…

If that ain’t paradise, I do not want to know what is.

Kia ora, mates. Mirry Chrustmas.