A New Zealand dairy company, Lewis Road Creamery, has managed to churn up a controversy by repackaging its most popular product as ‘breast milk’ in the name of charity. 

Earlier today, the company announced that, for the next three months, 20 cents of every bottle of ‘breast milk’ sold will be donated to Breast Cancer Cure, no bull.

The milk drinkers of New Zealand are clearly pretty keen to give it a guernsey:

Roadies speak up about Breast Milk, the cow’s milk that funds the cure. #idrinkbreastmilk

Posted by Lewis Road Creamery on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The attention-grabbing campaign has already manage to cause a controversy, and per reports in the NZ Herald, the New Zealand Breastfeeding Authority have attempted to spoil the fun, labelling it “disrespectful”. 

“Sadly I think this is misguided advertising,” said the organisation’s Julie Stufkens, requesting that the campaign be put out to pasture. “The product does not contain any human milk and does not come from a breast but an udder.”

The Le Leche League, a non-profit group promoting breast feeding, disagree. Spokeswoman Lisa Manning says there’s no use crying over ‘breast milk’, as consumers would have to be “daft” to confuse it for the real thing. 

Lewis Road Creamery are confident their campaign won’t lead the herd astray, telling the Herald “the last thing we want to do is mislead customers, which is why the bottle clearly states twice on the front that it is cow’s milk and twice on the back.”

We are deeply mooved by this tale.

(Thanks to reader Nic for the tip).