A Chicago Bar Has Turned Itself Into A ‘Stranger Things’ Upside Down Popup

While we wait with bated breath for the return of Stranger Things, a trendy little spot in downtown Chicago has transformed itself into a pop-up bar paying homage to all things from the Upside Down.

Heavy-handed on the 80s aesthetic, and some very detailed work into recreating iconic moments from the first season, Emporium in Logan Square has recreated Castle Byers, the Byers’ family lounge room after Joyce strung up fairy lights everywhere to contact Will in the Upside Down, and the creepy township of Hawkins.

They even went so far as flipping an entire lounge suite & dining room upside down and fixing it to the ceiling – food and all.

The bar promises some “occasional musical performances from some very special mystery guests” and we’ve got our fingers crossed that sweet little Finn Wolfhard will drop by to shred on a guitar or something.


The drinks at the bar sound incredible, including two slushie-based treats like ‘Eleven’s Eggos’ and ‘Demogorgon’ which are maple & bourbon and blood orange & rum respectively. Eleven’s Eggos’ is topped off with an actual Eggo waffle, so you get a ‘lil snack with your drank.


They’ve even done a wildly cute spin on barbed wire, which is adorable but also bring back Barb, you monsters.

Keep an eye out in Chicago for this very good Eleven mural, grab your ham radio and check out the Upside Down. It’s only around ’till the end of September.