Despite what Instagram wants you to think, the actual act of travelling is decidedly unglamorous. 

Australia‘s proximity to absolutely nowhere else means we’re well acquainted with the long haul flight. 

Europe, for example, takes a minimum of 21 hours to get to, and if you’re travelling on a budget, it’s likely you’ll be accustomed to hellishly long stopovers, too.
Of course, this is something we’ve all gotta grin and bear, and it’s a small price to pay for the chance to experience the world. 
But there are ways to make travel a little more cushy without forking out thousand for lounge passes and first class tickets. 
Here are 6 of the best travel inventions that were made for the sole purpose of making your trip a whole lot comfier.
While on tour, a hoodie is the ultimate piece of clothing. They’re comfy, they have pockets, they have a hood to protect you from the elements. Above all else, you won’t look ridiculous wearing one wherever you go. 
That’s why the inflatable hoodie, Aros, is so genius. It originally debuted on Kickstarter, with punters throwing tens of thousands of dollars behind the concept.
It’s simple, really. It looks like a regular hoodie, until you press a button and the chambers fill with air and become a lush pillow.

If you don’t mind looking absolutely ridiculous, the Ostrich Pillow is the product for you.
go away mom it’s not a phase
This odd, alien-looking fabric hood has a hole for your head, a hole to breathe through and two holes for your hands, so you can put your head down and nap in the dark anywhere, at any time.
On a plane, on a train, at uni; the places where this is an appropriate piece of headwear are endless.
Filled with polystyrene micro beads, the pillow moulds to your unique head shape and will set you back about AUD$129.

This isn’t so much something that would make your travels more comfortable, but they’ll make them 100% more fun.
Anyone who grew up in Australia will have a firm grip of scootering around (thank u Razor), and now you can put all that neighbourhood scamping to good use.
The MiCRO Luggage Scooter is basically every child / manchild’s dream: it’s a small case that fits in overheard compartments, and features a pull up handle and lil wheels that’ll take you from terminal A to terminal B in devastating style. 
It’s suitable for 12-year-olds through to the elderly, and will set you back a neat AUD$499.
Another childhood favourite? Sleeping bags. 
What if we told you there exists a sleeping bag you can walk around in?
The Selk’Bag is just that, but with legs. Like a mermaid made good for land.
“Featuring lightweight construction with removable booties, the Lite is perfect for outdoor activities in warmer seasons, and just about anything you can think of indoors, from playing to sleeping. Features removable booties and an anatomical shape.”
The best bit? They’re on sale at the moment for about AUD$64 buckaroonies. A steal.

Over-eat headphones are great on planes for their sound-cancelling qualities (goodbye, screaming babies). But they have one major downfall: they’re uncomfortable when you want to catch some z’s.
The Kokoon headphones took inspo from high-tech pillows and sport shoe technology, and created headphones that are as comfy as pillows.
The best bit is that it adjusts your music as you fall asleep and wake. It uses special EEG sensors and technology to recognise when you’re nodding off and turn down your beats accordingly.


The Face Cradle is an adjustable travel pillow that allows you to sleep five different ways. They call it “5 modes of comfort” allowing you to “upgrade to sleeping class and arrive happy.” 
Say no more.
It’s a relatively new invention, and the patent is still pending. That said, they’re available for purchase now and they ship worldwide.
Photo: Bridesmaids.
If these nifty inventions have got you itching for an O/S trip, Contiki have plenty that’ll quell boredom and satisfy your wanderlust.