These Are The 5 Most ‘Grammable Spots In Queensland & We Won’t Hear Otherwise

These Are The 5 Most 'Grammed Hotspots In Queensland

It’s actually ridiculous how beautiful Queensland is. White sand beaches, ancient rainforests, red red earth, waterfalls, adorbs native wildlife – the list goes on. So, simply because it’s Hump Day and we all deserve to look at nice things and plan our next weekend away to a warmer place, here are the five places in the Sunshine State that I have decided are the most ‘Grammable. And no, I will not allow debate on this matter.


Lake McKenzie

Hidden on Fraser Island, this bright, bright blue lake actually gets its colour from the surrounding Eucalypt trees, giving it’s waters healing properties. Or so they say. Either way, the starkly contrasting white sand surrounding it make the whole thing a pretty magical place for your ‘Gram.

Whitehaven Beach

The Whitsunday’s, in general, are basically a dream. But Whitehaven Beach is a particularly popular snap to feature on the ‘ole socials. Whether you’re posing on the fallen twisted tree trunks strewn across the beach itself or snapping the cool patterns of turquoise water and white sand of the inlet from above, it’s a shot that’s going to get those double-taps.

Boodjamulla National Park

Now for something completely different, get a load of the dramatic gorges and red earth of Boodjamulla National Park in outback Queensland. You can change up your angles by exploring on foot or paddling down the river, but they’re all good TBH.


Fields of blooming flowers are to Instagram what peanut butter is to chocolate. One exists without the other, but together they’re a damn dream. During summer, Allora comes alive with giant bright sunflowers and people flock out of Brisbane to get that snap.

Moreton Island

A sea wall of sunken ships? If that’s not photography gold, then I know nothing. Take your underwater camera for shots as you snorkel or kayak around the wrecks, or get that drone shot. It’s not the only scene you’ll find on Moreton Island, I highly recommend waiting until sunset at The Champagne Pools.