The Big Poo & 99 Other Hidden Gems In Australia Just Waiting To Be Visited By Your Fine Self

hidden gems australia
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By now, you don’t need to be reminded of the serious travel opportunities missed out on over the last two years. But here I am, reminding you – however, it comes with good intentions. Now that we can travel in our own country (and in some cases, beyond), we just need a little inspiration as to where to go. So here it is, a beautiful round-up of the best-hidden gems in Australia.

GoSee, a car and campervan comparison and booking site powered by Webjet, has released the ultimate backyard bucket list of Australia’s top 100 hidden gems. It’s the help you need to get that itinerary pumping. God knows a few of us have some annual leave banked up or, at the very least, a few vacant weekends that need to be filled.

The locations were landed upon via data from the global travel community Atlas Obscura, with nature spots taking out 44% of the overall list. I mean, should we be surprised? It’s one hell of a backyard we have! From Lake Hiller in WA to Gippsland Lakes in VIC, there’s quite literally plenty to see in our Great Southern Land.

Other categories that reign supreme in the Backyard Bucket List are historical and cultural gems, weird and wacky gems and food and drink gems. But let’s get to what we all actually want to know: which state or territory had the most spots? Well, NSW had the highest number of spots with 27 locations, but WA won the #1 destination, with Lake Hillier taking the crown.

pink lake wa
Getty: lindsay_imagery

There is also an extremely cursed place called Gnomesville in WA that I didn’t know about and must see before I die by gnome or otherwise. There’s another spot in WA called Disappointment Rock where I could see myself residing four days of the week. See! Look at this list, giving me inspo!

gnomesville WA
Dopey, dat u? Image: Gnomesville Facebook

You can see the entire list of Australian hidden gems HERE to get planning your next getaway, and if you need some wheels for the occasion, you can book one of those HERE.

As for where I’ll be going, one that personally piqued my interest (and might just be Australia’s best-hidden gem) was The Big Poo in Kiama. It’s only a 1.5-hour drive from my place so I might go there this weekend. The Big Poo awaits.