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While Australia may be a chunkier monkey (as a land mass, and yeah OK the other interpretation too) than say, the UK and a plethora of European countries that surround it, a lot of our land that’s girt by sea is flat-out uninhabitable / drier than a nun’s scalp.

No complaints here tho – just means that the vast majority of us lot live within 50km of ‘Straya’s coastline, including the fuck-off beaut East Coast

Even if you con’t find yourself living on the EC, chances are you’ll visit it at least once in your life. Be it for Sydney, Brisbane or somewhere in between, there’s a shit-ton to see and do on the A+ coastline – something you can help control on your upcoming summer road trip.

Below, dear sunset seekers, are places your should fang into your itinerary.


Photo: Instagram / @australia.

“It’s dooooope! It’s this huge sand dune area, kind of shaped like a half pipe carved out of the hills, right next to the water in Rainbow Beach. It’s a 10-minute walk through some rainforest and then it opens up into this huge, huge area. You can do some wicked tobogganing on esky lids and stuff.”Ben McLeay.

Oh, it’s also hailed as one of the best places everrr to watch the sunrise or the sunset.


Photo: Flickr / Michael Lynch.

Dodge / go around the Gold Coast (which sucks unless your a horny 18 y/o anyway) and head straight to this fine piece of land instead. JUST LEWK. It’s filled with glow worms after dark as well, which is, you know, ace. Just remember a torch.


Photo: Facebook / @Brunswick Heads.

It’s basically a more laid back and less touristy version of Byron, which we’re betting you’ve already been to. If you haven’t it’s legit only a 15 min drive, so why don’t you have both?


Photo: Facebook / @Treachery Camp, Seals Rocks, NSW.

Seals Rocks is a good’un for camping overnight, cracking open a frothy and curing your hangover with a surf and sand dunes in the morn. There’s plenty of other young punters around the grounds of Treachery Camp, and many a hookup stories have developed because of it. If you’re going to have sexy time in the showers tho, bring plenty of spare change (yeah, your scrub time will cost ‘ya) so you don’t run out of water and neccessary muffling noise.


Photo: Facebook / @Royal National Park.

Photo: Flickr / donnnnnny.

“The Royal National Park‘s got it all, whether you want beaches (Marley, Garie, Era), falls (Winifred Falls or Watamolla), or walks (Bundeena to Otford, for the big mumma of bush walks, and Eagle Rock or Burning Palms for smaller ones).

For a bite to eat, check out Audley Cafe. Bundeena, also in the royal national park, is a cute bohemian town close-ish to the city, with no franchises etc.”  Paigge Warton



Photo: Instagram / @christiehayes_

The P.TV office raves about Scarborough Hotel because of the seacliff view down the coast and the A+ seafood grub. It’s only around a 15 min drive from the bottom of the Royal National Park.


If you’re en route to Jervis BayBerry is the ultimate stop off for shopping / lunch / walking ’round and taking in the serenity. 


Photo: Visitnsw.

Appreciated for its white sand (like, legit the world’s whitest – it’s been crowned by The Guinness Book of Records) and crystal-clear waters, this stop off will be a lot more luxurious than all the hangover situations which precede it. There’s no better way / place to dive into summer.


Photo: Facebook / @East Lynne Store.

Literally there is nothing else in the town – East Lynne Store just a pie shop on the highway on the south coast but SO AMAZING.” – Chloe Patterson.


Photo: Visit NSW.

This one’s a bit more of a novelty but fuck it, there’s a Scottish town called Maclean on the Clarence River and we’ll be damned if we don’t stop in for Haggis and and Irn-Bru.

As you’re probs well aware, all of the above primo destinations are best done in summer. If you happen to be stopping through Syd (or more specifically Bondi) on your travels, we’ll be helping y’all #DiveIntoSummer with our Summer Bright Lager PARTAYYY in January. But more on that later – stay tuned etc.

Photo: Flickr / Michael Lynch.