As you’ve probably heard, Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg is facing US congress today, and the internet is roasting the living piss out of old mate and his adorable little booster seat.

And while the big boy in his big boy chair apparently took some classes on how to appear more human, it seems they failed to make an impact, because the Zucc is looking more robotic than ever before. It’s almost like looking at humanity’s best attempt at a cyborg that still can’t seem to claw its way out of the Uncanny Valley.

Streaming platform Twitch has noticed, folks, and it’s calling out the automaton with some hilarious gear, including the rare but very nice robot emoji.

That’s some sensational internet right there. The robot emoji appeared again after Zuckerberg took an insanely weird sip of water, along with hoards of viewers typing “drink_water.exe”.

Elsewhere, Zucc is also copping it for his blatant “just kill me now” face.

Is Zuckerberg actually a robot? Probably.

Image: Twitter / @DanaSchwartzzz