Yep, it’s not just you, Gmail is having some major issues across the world. According to many, it’s also affecting Google Drive.

At the time of writing, more than 700 people have reported the outage in the space of 20 minutes. As you can see from the map below, things are, uh, looking pretty chaotic. Again, this was captured at the time of writing, so it’s not a live feed by any means, but you can check the current status here.

It looks as though most high traffic areas are affected, which means the majority of our east coast, locally.

Google is yet to comment on the outage, so no one really knows why it’s happening just yet, but many have taken to social media to either ask whether anyone else is affected, report the issue, or simply just vent. One of those people is Urthboy.

Welp, my biggest concern now is where the hell to find one of those Big Lebowski soundtracks that looks like a White Russian?

Google is usually pretty good with outages, so you might still be able to get some work done before the end of the day, but with no word on what’s even causing the problem, there’s no real way to tell how long it’ll be out.

Go make yourself a cup of coffee or something, I guess.

Image: Napoleon Dynamite