Emoji can be a bloody hoot to use, which is probably why they’ve found their way into just about every facet of our daily electronic communications. If you have an emotion not adequately conveyed by the tons of standard emoji available to you already, well, there’s now a way to create your very own.

Emoji Builder does exactly what it says on the box – it’s a website where you can mix and match existing emoji elements to create your own.

Not sure what I was going for here, but I like it. So many hands. After choosing a face type, you can then select its eyes, mouth, and accessories. On the right, you’ll see each element individually, where you can reorder them, adjust their location, or delete them from the face entirely.

And then there’s the randomise button, which presents you with some of the most nightmarishly hideous emoji you’ll ever see by simply mushing together elements at random. Behold some of its horrors below.

Good lord. Pray for these tortured souls. The tool was made by UX designer, Philipp Antoni, who’s worked on some pretty big stuff like Microsoft Office for Mac and iPad.

You can try out the cooked Emoji Builder for yourself right here.

Image: Emoji Builder