PEDESTRIAN.TV and Telstra have teamed up to explore the wonders of the internet and specifically, how much data we actually use. Plot twist: it’s bloody heaps, so strap yourself in and check out the video below. 

Have you ever thought about how much data the entire internet uses everyday? What about how much we used back when the internet was a tiny baby? 

As you can imagine, we’ve come a long way since then, so it can be pretty jarring to see the difference. Cisco‘s latest Trends and Analysis report gives us all of the juicy numbers that are sure to blow your tiny mind.
Back in 1992 we only used 100GB per day. The entire internet didn’t even download GTA V twice in one day. Fast forward to 2016 and we managed to chew through 26,600GB every second. That’s 409 copies of GTA V per second. Yikes. 
By 2021, Cisco estimates that we’ll be going through a staggering 105,800GB per second. Can you even bloody fathom that amount of information? 
That’s why having a strong network is so important, because you internet fiends can’t bloody help yourselves. 
If you’re keen to see the insane rise from 1992 to now, suss out the video below. 
Photo: Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job.