Comic writer and self-noted Star Trek fanatic, Kevin Church, asked people to show him their phone home screens earlier today, and when they did, old mate decided to start grading them based on factors like cleanliness, wallpaper, and just general aesthetic. What followed was nothing short of a laugh riot.

It all started with Kevin posting a screenshot of his own background, and since Twitter made him a Moment, hundreds of submissions have followed.

Let me share with you some of his best gradings, which you can see below.

A clearly visible dog is an instant A, it’s true.

Some, however, got absolutely reamed by Kevin, and for good bloody reason.

The absolute winner, though? Well, for me, it’s this total pearler.

I would have added a plus to that A, but hey, I’m not a qualified screen grader, so what would I know? Since becoming a moment, Kevin’s been overwhelmed by folks wanting their own screens graded, but obviously, he can’t get around to all of them, so best just to leave him be now, mates.

You can check out the rest of his grades here if you’re keen to see more.

Source: Twitter Moments
Image: Twitter / @AndyMichaelArt