The gobbie. The blumpkin. The slurpin of the gherkin.

Whatever you want to call it, the receiving of fellatio is quite a treat.

Knowing this, in 2014 an inventive spirit over in the US created the Autoblow 2+

What’s that, I hear you say? Well, it’s an automated blowie machine looks a lot like a fleshlight, only it simulates the feeling of an actively sucking, non-bitey oral cavity. And as of today, the gobbiebot is available Down Under, shipping all around Australia straight outta Melbourne.

utterly mesmerising

What sets the Autoblow robotic peanus sucker apart from other mastubatory toys is that the user doesn’t need to move the toy manually at all – they’ve only gotta lube up, slip into it and let the mechanics go downtown.

“Guys from Australia have been paying crazy prices for shipping from the US since we launched and so distributing the machine from Australia was an easy choice. I’m happy to help guys get off in a new and exciting way and at the same time save money”, said inventor Brian Sloan

If you’d like to check out the toy for research purposes, you can purchase for $239.95 at

You’re welcome.

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