There seems to a be a wearable for everything these days. I mean, there’s one for Pokémon GO for Christ’s sake. 

Here’s another one to throw on the pile, chumps – an alcohol-sensing wristband that tells you how belted you are. Created by a bunch of weirdos at Milo Sensors, the band and app combo is called Proof
It works by reading alcohol molecules under your skin through a disposable cartridge that gives reliable readings over 12 hours. After this electrochemical sensor converts the alcohol into an electrical current, you can view your blood-alcohol content (BAC) level via the accompanying smartphone app.  
Sure, the Alcolizer stuck to the wall of your favourite pub will tell you how pissed you are for a couple of bucks and straw, but Proof definitely wins in the convenience department. 
Furthermore, Proof can forecast how smashed you’ll be based on how you’re currently tracking and predict when you’ll be sober again. It will even send you alerts when you hit a certain BAC level. 
If used responsibly, this will be an invaluable tool for fighting drink driving. You can invite your friends and family to view your results, too, so they can make sure you don’t get behind the wheel while you’re pissed like some kind of big idiot.
Milo Sensors are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign this year with an aim to flog the Proof wearable for between $US100 and $US150. 
Source: Mashable.
Photo: The Inbetweeners.