As details of the upcoming video game Far Cry 5 slowly emerge, the internet has erupted over its controversial cover art. 

For the first time, the game will be set in the United States rather than the “exotic” locations of its predecessors. Judging by the provocative art, the enemies are going to be some kind of white religious extremists. 
It’s definitely an interesting development for the gaming world which has for so long played against “safe” targets like Nazis, zombies, aliens, robots or “foreign” terrorists. 
As you’d expect, the internet is drawing all sorts of conclusions from the art, primarily, that the game will allow you to obliterate a bunch of racist extremists with an arsenal of heavy weaponry. 
Some are making connections to the current political climate and the characters’ resemblance to alt-right values. 
Others are just stoked that the alt-right movement is getting all cut up about it. 

This is referring to the comments flooding the Politically Incorrect forum on the 4chan website. Needless to say, some folks are pissed. 
“Sweet. If that is the plot I can find out who make FarCry game and NEVER FUCKING BUY ONE OF THEIR GAMES AGAIN,” one user wrote. 
“Making the white people look evil. Getting fucking sick of this shit. You want us to become evil. We sure as fuck will,” wrote another. 

Of course, the perspective of the main protagonist – who you play as – is glaringly absent in the little info we have, so it’s hard to put the image into proper context at this stage. 

But hey, it’s not all controversy. Some people just wanna get to know the dog. 

The Far Cry 5 official reveal is set for May 26 (27 for us Australian folk).
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Far Cry 5 / Ubisoft.