Hearing a telco has done something nice for customers is like hearing a good review of an M. Night Shyamalan movie. It doesn’t happen very often. But shave my hair off and call me Bruce Willis, because Telstra’s got new plans and they’re actually consumer-friendly.

From now on, Telstra promises that all its mobile plans will come without excess charges. Instead, if you go over your cap, your data will just slow down a little – to 1.5Mbps, if you want to get technical. That’s still fast enough to get your stream on, but videos will have to be in standard definition if you don’t want them to buffer.

Here’s what Telstra has to offer if you already own your phone:

And if you want a new phone, Telstra’s got that covered too. Here are a few of the most popular phones around today, and their starting prices with a Telstra plan:

If you’re not crazy about slower data, you do have the option to upgrade the plan instead if you go over. Telstra’s new plans also come with no contract, which means you can change your data allowance every month if you feel like it.

The new plans kicked in at the end of last month, which means if you signed up with Telstra before that, the new plan terms might not apply. But the company is encouraging customers on old plans to switch to the newer ones, so it might be worth contacting them to see if they’ll let you get in on the new deal.

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