Music streaming juggernaut, Spotify, is testing its own version of Stories called Storyline, putting the feature into yet another app in your life.

As Tech Crunch reports, Storyline appears to be a way for the platform to share artist information and facts with listeners similar to the current Behind the Lyrics feature. While Spotify is working closely with the artists involved in these tests and posting content on their behalf, artists and their managers will likely maintain their own Storylines should it be implemented as a permanent feature.

To be clear, you won’t be adding to content to your own Stories, this is purely for artists to share their own shit, whatever that may be. Let’s be honest, though, you don’t need any more goddamn Stories of your own. I think we can all agree that there are enough out there to keep us busy for now.

Unlike Behind the Lyrics, which appears automatically while a song is playing, users will need to tap into and through artist Storylines. If you happen to be part of the test group, these will show up on top of the Behind the Lyrics stuff. I doubt it’ll stay there, though, because it all seems a little muddled in this state. Otherwise, it plays out largely like you’d expect.

Image: Android Police.

So far, Storylines have been spotted on the songs like the Jonas Brothers‘Sucker’ and Billie Eilish‘s ‘Bad Guy,’ ‘Bury a Friend,’ ‘When the Party’s Over,’ and ‘Wish You Were Gay’. Some Reddit users have also reported seeing it on 2 Chainz and The Beaches songs.

Spotify has since confirmed that they are testing the feature in a statement to Tech Crunch. As for if or when it will be rolled out to a wider audience is yet to be determined, but it seems like a move that makes sense, particularly if they’re trying to ramp up the Behind the Lyrics stuff.

It would also take the responsibility of curating the facts and information away from the company and put it into the hands of the artists themselves, which is something they probably should have done a little while ago given past blunders.

Either way, watch this space, I guess.

Source: Tech Crunch
Image: Getty Images