Feeling a bit existentially uneasy on a Tuesday morning? Here, let me help with that, via yet another dispatch from the robot apocalypse.

You’re no doubt familiar with Boston Dynamics, the U.S. company which seems absolutely hellbent on building strange mechanical monsters which are capable of jumping, flipping, opening doors and god knows what else. Their YouTube channel is like a window into your own death. You are watching people build your own murderer.

make it stop! make it stop!

Well, here’s what the folks at Boston Dynamics have been up to lately. Though we’ve definitely seen their robots open doors before – presumably so they can hunt human beings who have tried to hide in closets and so on – we’ve never seen anything like this. The new SpotMini robot uses its weirdly prehensile snake arm to identify door handles, and then operate them.

Not only does its serpentine clawhead open the door, it then holds the door open for its buddy which snakes on through – presumably in pursuit of delicious human meat.

Check it out below:

I’m stocking up on shotguns and canned food.

Image: YouTube / Boston Dynamics