Apple products have always been on the pricier end of the computer spectrum, but no one could have guessed it could be because the company have been stuffing them with actual money. 

Yep, it’s as weird as it sounds. People have been finding coins from a variety of currencies nestled snuggly inside the plastic of their MacBook optical drives. Strangely, no one knows why. 
The strange happening was brought to the attention of Gizmodo via an Imgur user called Greatease, who uploaded a bunch of pictures featuring his optical drive and a single US penny staring cheekily back at the camera through the clear plastic. 
How did you get there, penny? Who placed you in this technological prison? What horrors have you witnessed?
It’s far from an isolated incident, too. Apparently folks have been finding money lodged in their Macs since 2010, evidenced by the video below.
Now, the caption on the video says that Apple Care “does” know why it’s there, but we’d assume that’s a typo. You don’t just tell people you know the answer to one of life’s greatest mysteries and then not tell them. That’s akin to first degree murder and I will have none of it. 
Another image that surfaced on Mac Rumours in 2013 showed a Canadian quarter trapped in a similar fashion. 
My guess? This is a superstitious ritual that Steve Jobs demanded but never disclosed the purpose. If I were a betting man, I’d say the money somehow channeled untold powers directly to him and his secret lair.
A far more vanilla take on the mystery suggests the coins may be falling into the disk slot when in transit in a bag, causing them to get lodged inside. But how do they all end up in the same spot and underneath a layer of glued-down plastic? Not a chance. 
Others suggest it could be the easiest way to stop vibration in the drive, becoming more of a troubleshooting technique than an intriguing mystery. 
Either way, it sure is very odd. 
Source: Gizmodo
Photo: Imgur / Greatease.