For most of us, the first thing to do after landing in a new country is to look for a cheap SIM card. After all, what’s the point of travelling at all if you can’t take photos of yourself travelling to make sure everyone knows that you are travelling? Culturally enriching experiences have nothing on that photo of you pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Using an Australian SIM overseas usually costs a fortune, but Optus has added roaming data to just one of its BYO phone plans and it’s a killer deal. For $50 per month, you get 80GB to use in Australia each month, which is bonkers, plus an extra 4GB per month to use overseas.

Plus, if you jump on it now you will get a 20% discount and pay $40 per month, thanks to a ‘Flash Sale’ running until May 5.

The SIM works in countries classed ‘Zone 1’ by Optus, which covers most popular destinations, like the US, UK and most of Asia and Europe. And before you ask, 4GB should be plenty, even for the most ‘Grammable holidays, so long as you don’t spend the whole trip scrolling through your feeds or watching YouTube videos.

This is the best roaming deal in Australia, by a long shot. Not only do other phone plans charge you extra to use your phone overseas, but you have to pay your regular phone bill for the time while
you’re away. Vodafone has been our go-to plan for travelling for ages, with it’s excellent $5 per day roaming deal, but this plan will work out much cheaper.

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Image: The Inbetweeners Movie / Film4